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UGK Greatest Hits- The Very Best of Bun B & Pimp C

UGK Greatest Hits

First off, the tracks I picked were some of my favorite tracks from UGK. Whether it’s on the UGK albums, Bun B or Pimp C solo albums and then I included features on other albums, whether it’s them together or when it was just one of them on the track. UGK is one of my favorite groups of all-time and this is something I’ve been wanting to put it together so I finally done it. It’s 69 tracks and it’s a 4 Disc set. Hope you enjoy it and would love some feedback, once again there may be songs on here you may not like or songs you think should be included, once again I apologize but these are MY favorites. Let’s Get Started!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Volume 1[Disc 1]

1. Playas From the South ft. Master P & Silkk the Shocker

2. One Day

3. International Players Anthem ft. Outkast

4. Pocket Full of Stones

5. Akickdoe ft. C-Murder & Master P

6. I’sa Playa ft. Twista & Z-Ro

7. Draped Up

8. Front, Back & Side to Side

9. You’re Everything ft. David Banner, Rick Ross, 8Ball & MJG

10. Murder

11. Trap or Die ft. Young Jeezy

12. Break Em Off Something ft. Master P

13. Big Pimpin ft. Jay-Z

14. Sippin On Some Syrup ft. Three 6 Mafia

15. Top Notched Hoes

16. Put It Down ft. Drake

17. Take It Off

Volume 1[Disc 2]

1. Return

2. Pushin ft. Scarface & Young Jeezy

3. Diamond & Wood

4. I Miss My Homies ft. Master P & Silkk the Shocker

5. Something Good

6. Heaven

7. Front Back ft. T.I.

8. All A Dream

9. Pinky Ring

10. Protect & Serve

11. If I Die 2Nite ft. Lyfe Jennings & Young Buck

12. As The World Turn ft. 50 Cent

13. I Ain’t Heard of That ft. Slim Thug

14. Let Me See It

15. Grand Finale ft. Fat Joe, Ice Cube, Nas & T.I.

16. Forgot About Me ft. Lil Wayne & Scarface

Volume 2[Disc 1]

1. Underground

2. It’s Been A Pleasure ft. Drake

3. Feds In Town

4. Ghetto Life ft. Master P

5. 3 In The Mornin

6. Quit Hatin The South ft. Willie D

7. Re-Akshun ft. Killer Mike & T.I.

8. Cramping My Style

9. 2 Real ft. Scarface

10. I’m Free

11. Angel In the Sky

12. Hi-Life

13. Get Throwed

14. Retaliation ft. B.G. & Juvenile

15. Give Me That ft. Webbie

16. Ain’t That A Bitch ft. Devin The Dude

Volume 2[Disc 2]

1. Meat Ticket ft. Master P, 8 Ball & MJG

2. It’s Supposed To Bubble

3. I’m Comin ft. Hot Boys

4. 3 Kings ft. SLim Thug & T.I.

5. Cocaine In the Back of My Ride

6. Say It 2 My Face ft. Young Buck, 8Ball & MJG

7. Picture Perfect ft. Chamillionaire

8. Bezzle ft. T.I, 8Ball & MJG

9. The Story

10. Fuck My Car

11. Speakeasy ft. Twista

12. Slangin ft. Fiend

13. Look At Me

14. Country Star

15. Stick Em Up ft. Ludacris

16. Wood Wheel

17. Pocket Full of Stones, Pt.2

18. Right Now ft. 2Pac & Trey Songz


Volume 1[2 CD] Download



Volume 2[2 CD] Download


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