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Daddy’s Hangout Presents Best of Kris Kross(R.I.P. Chris Kelly aka Mac Daddy)


Well I’m sure that you’ve heard about the death of rapper Chris Kelly aka Mac Daddy, one half of the 90s rap group Kris Kross. They’re one of the groups I identify with my childhood, he was only a year younger than me. But they became famous by their hit Jump from their debut album, Totally Krossed Out. To me, their final album was a great album Young, Rich and Dangerous and was looking forward to the next album but it never materialized. They just recently performed about 2 1/2 months ago at the So So Def 20th Anniversary concert. This is a little tribute compilation I put together and once again, I’m sending my condolences to him, his family and those affected. R.I.P Chris Kelly. Hope you enjoy this.



1. Jump

2. Live and Die For Hip Hop ft. Da Brat

3. Tonight’s Tha Night

4. I’m Real

5. Warm It Up

6. Young, Rich and Dangerous

7. It’s A Shame

8. Da Streetz Ain’t Right

9. Alright

10. I Missed The Bus

11. Money, Power and Fame


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