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Happy Father’s Day: The Everchanging Role of Fathers

Fathers Day


Before I get started, I want to say Happy Father’s Day to my dad. Yesterday we spent the day together and it’s always a pleasure to do that because I appreciate him so much and love him. Actually yesterday I had a cookout especially for not only my dad, but my father-in-law also. He’s been a big influence and someone I can call a great friend over the years since I got the chance to know him.

Well over the years the role of Father is every changing, I mean from what I remember seeing on TV the Father’s usually were the bread winners and the ones who worked all day, came home to a home cooked meal while watching TV and reading the paper while the wife stayed home and done all the housework. That was the era that my dad grew up in and hearing some of the stories he tells me about then are just amazing, kind of like the awe my kids are in when I tell them things from when I were their ages. Fast forward when I were younger and my mom always worked along with my dad, but I can recall that he never cooked, cleaned or anything inside the house but he done all the work outside.

Now today, man things have changed I mean as dads we do everything that wifey can do and we even try to do it a little better. Speaking for myself, with the qualities my mom has given me I do the dishes, dust the tables, wash the clothes and iron them also. I wouldn’t feel right if I sat down and let my wife do all the work and trust me my mom wouldn’t approve either. But now with more women in the corporate world and having a chance to meet some great dads online, there have been a rise in Stay at home dads and they love it. Yes, dads can take on the role of being at home with the babies and doing things normally the mother would do. I’d like to give a special shoutout to all the Fathers, who stay home and hold it down. I just wanted to keep it short and sweet and wish all the Fathers everywhere around the world a Happy Father’s Day and enjoy the time with your kids and continue to be a positive role model. To my son, I’m praying that one day you’ll grow and do things even better than I have.

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  • Jason Cooper

    I am also a father with 4 children in my family. Being a father is not an easy responsibility that is given to us. I am also a stay at home dad but I’m not ashamed with that. I am very proud that I am a housekeeper. I love my family and willing to serve them forever.

    • admin

      There isn’t a thing wrong with being a stay at home dad, actually I commend you for that because it’s more than 1 job to keep the house up and doing everything for your children. I salute you!!!!!!!!!! Keep up the good work.

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