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This Cheap Wireless Plan is Still the Way to Go




Well it’s been a month since we’ve had our Family Mobile Plan and we can say this is definitely the best wireless plan without a doubt and we love it. It really amazes me that my daughter can go to a family members house, a friend’s house or just riding around with us without having to check on how minutes she’s used, how many texts she has sent or how much data she’s used. As far as coverage is concerned, she’s had coverage everywhere we’ve been and at times she’s had better coverage than our much more expensive wireless plan. We’ve traveled to quite a few places and everywhere we’ve been the coverage has been great. This Cheap Wireless Plan has been so great!!!!!

Currently, I’m still under contract with my service provider and there’s nothing unlimited about the plan, except the pricing. I mean we have a family plan that allows you a certain amount of minutes to use and the most importantly, there’s a certain amount of data we can use without having to pay even more money. So yeah that’s right, which means I actually have to pay more to an already big bill. Now that should be enough to make you want to switch your service provider but there’s one more thing, yes there’s even more and you get all of this and you’re not under a contract, yes that’s right……………………….NO CONTRACT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



My daughter Jada was the lucky recipient of this phone and she uses it all the time and takes the phone everywhere she goes. The one thing I’m going to miss is when I get off in the mornings and I receive texts from her saying “Good Morning Daddy can’t wait to see you”. Now that she’s in school now I won’t be getting those and she won’t be on the phone as much as she is in the summer but I can use the phone as a reward when she’s doing great in school and giving her more freedom on it. Jada pretty much done all the setting up on her Concord phone from putting games on it, setting up her email account and may other things on it, oh yeah she’s 8 years old, so anyone else shouldn’t have an issue doing this. You can get a great deal with Wal-Mart’s rollback price of $39.98 that includes unlimited text, talk and web.




You can check out my first post talking about the Family Mobile Plan. There are families who choose not to let their kids have cell phones because, let’s face it they are really expensive and kids love to text, talk and play online which adds to the bill. With the Walmart Family Mobile Plan you’ll get everything you can get from those high service providers but it’s all unlimited.

Now with this service I can have access all the time and see what she’s doing at all the times, yes I’m very overprotective of my kids. All I did was log into the Online Account Manager and Information and there you have it, our first bill was only $21.95!!!!!! Now I actually looked around for the longest and thought it was a mistake because paying that amount didn’t seem right and not used to it. So what are you waiting for? Go to Walmart and get started on the new service.


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