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Daddy’s Hangout Presents 2013 SummerSlam PPV Review


Welcome to the biggest party of the summer and its Summer Slam. This is a PPV that I was really looking forward to because of the 2 main events. The build between Brock Lesnar and C.M. Punk has been phenomenal and Paul Heyman has been golden. Then, of course, the main event for the WWE Championship between John Cena and Daniel Bryan. Bryan has arguably been the hottest wrestler in the world for the past few months and is over more than any WWE star. Also at the PPV we saw the debut of Bray Wyatt, which I was also looking forward to. I was definitely hoping to see Ziggler fighting for a championship but they may have a long term plan for him. Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow have had a nice feud going into their match and was something I was also looking forward to. Without further ado, let’s get started!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



The first match of the evening was between Bray Wyatt and Kane in a Ring of Fire match, formally known as an Inferno match. I think Wyatt can and will be a star in the future, have been a fan of his since he was Husky Harris. For some reason I felt like Kane wasn’t a good opponent for him but I’m still skeptical about his future. Once they were in the ring the fire started up and they started. Kane took the early advantage before Wyatt took control of Kane. Kane hit Wyatt with a big boot and continued on the offense until Wyatt finally got the advantage then he tried to get his partners involved but the flames kept them out. Kane started hitting chokeslams on Wyatt until they covered the flames and attacked Kane. They continued to beat on Kane until Bray Wyatt recovered and hit his finisher for the win. Winner: Bray Wyatt

Match Rating: 2/5- Not a good start for the PPV, wasn’t a good look Bray Wyatt needing help to get the win over Kane. After the match, they smashed the back of Kane’s head with the steel steps and they took him away with them.



Next we have Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes, they’ve been feuding since Sandow won the Money in the Bank contract by pushing Cody off the ladder to retrieve the suitcase at the Money In the Bank PPV. They immediately started going at each other with Rhodes getting best of Sandow. They battled on the apron until Sandow got the advantage by hitting Rhodes with a leg sweep. Sandow continued the offense on Rhodes and even getting a 2 count on him.

Afterwards Sandow continued on the offense and even getting another 2 count, then he put Cody in a submission hold. After releasing the hold he continued the offense on Rhodes with some kicks and went to the 2nd rope but Cody stopped him by hitting a Muscle Buster on Sandow for a 2 count. They continued to battle until Rhodes got the advantage by hitting a springboard dropkick.

Sandow got the advantage again and a 2 count after a neckbreaker. Rhodes almost had 2 nearfalls and a really close one after hitting the Beautiful Disaster kick. They continued to battle until Rhodes got the advantage and hit the Cross Rhodes for the win. Winner: Cody Rhodes

Match Rating: 3.5/5- This was a really good fast paced match, would’ve been rated higher if they were given more time.



This is for the World Heavyweight championship in which Christian earned the shot when he defeated RVD and Randy Orton in a triple threat match on Smackdown a few weeks back. Since then he’s actually beat Del Rio in a non-title match. Del Rio came out with his face busted up and we found out he got into a fight along with Drew McIntyre against some thugs.

But Del Rio started the match on offense before Christian got the upperhand and they went back and forth until Del Rio took advantage when Christian got caught up on the top tope. Del Rio started working on the shoulder of Christian and even got a 2 count once. He continued working on the arm of Christian until he made a mistake coming from the 2nd rope and Christian took advantage of it and even got a nearfall out of it. Del Rio baited Christian in but Christian got the advantage back until Del Rio hit a nasty backstabber from the 2nd rope and almost getting a nearfall.

They continue going back and forth until Christian hit a nice hurricarana from the 2nd rope and almost got the pinfall. Christian went for the spear but was met with a kick to the face and Del Rio almost got a 3 count and he signaled for the Cross Arm breaker. Del Rio hit Christian with a kick and got another 2 count as the crowd chanted “this is awesome” and Christian hit a spear out of nowhere but counted go for the pin with his hurt shoulder. Del Rio countered to the cross armbreaker and Christian fought it off for a while until he finally tapped. Winner and Still World Heavyweight Champion: Alberto Del Rio

Match Rating: 4.25/5- This was a great match as expected, these 2 really put on great matches.



Now we have Brie Bella accompanied by Nikki Bella and Eva Marie taking on Natalya, who’s accompanied by the Funkdadactalys in this match. They’ve been going at in for a while now even exchanging slaps to each other. They’re also star on the reality show, Total Divas. They even exchanged a couple of slaps early in the match which almost lead to Natalya applying the SharpShooter on Brie. They fought on the outside but Brie got the advantage when Nikki and Eva Marie distracted Natalya. She continued on the offense when Natalya entered the ring again. She rushed Natalya but was caught and slammed to the mat and then Natalya applied the Sharp Shooter on Brie until she tapped. Winner: Natalya

Match Rating: 2.5/5- Wasn’t a bad match at all, I think Natalya should be challenging for the Divas title.



Now this is the first of the 2 main event matches, pitting the “Best In the World” C.M. Punk against “The Beast” Brock Lesnar. This has been a great feud which started when Heyman turned on Punk at the MITB PPV and the next night on Raw Lesnar dismantled Punk, which continued until Punk got revenge the Monday before the SummerSlam PPV. This match felt like a MAJOR match when they both were in the ring together before the match started. Punk rushed Lesnar to when the bell started but he was caught and driven to the turnbuckle and was met with a series of shoulder blocks.

Punk retaliated with a series of forearms to the head of Lesnar before being picked up and driven to the corner again as Lesnar began with a series of shoulder blacks again. Lesnar went on the offense against Punk until Punk started with the forearms, knees and kicks to Lesnar and then tried to rush him with a high knee but was caught by Lesnar and driven to the corner and beat down Punk. As he yelled at Punk and played up to the crowd Lesnar was met with a big boot to the face and then a high knee and then another high knee that knocked Lesnar out of the ring. While Lesnar was on the outside Punk hit him with a suicide dive.

Punk grabbed the steel steps but was knocked down by Lesnar, he went to ram Punk into the steel post but Punk rammed Lesnar into them. Punk hit a double axe handle off the top tope onto Lesnar on the outside and then Punk hit a clothesline off the announce table to Lesnar. He went after Heyman afterwards which lead to Lesnar attacking Punk from behind and eventually tossed him over the announce table. He threw Punk from behind the announce table onto over it again and Punk back hit the monitor………OUCH!!!!!!! He threw part of the announce table on top of Punk and stomped on it breaking it in half over Punk. Lesnar grabbed Punk and hit belly to belly suplex on Punk on the outside. He finally threw Punk in the ring, but a Lesnar was coming into the ring Punk started unloading kicks to the legs on Lesnar until he hit Punk with a clothesline.

Lesnar continued with the offense on Punk, even applying a bear hug on him. Punk tried to gain an advantage again on Lesnar but was met with a high knee to the gut. Lesnar started to work on the ribs of Punk and applied the bear hug on him again. Punk hit him with a series of elbows and kicks to get free of Lesnar and went to the top rope but was caught by Lesnar who threw Punk over his head. Lesnar continued to punish Punk’s ribs by picking him up and continuously dropping him on his knees before going for a pin and getting a 2 count. Punk got free by a series of elbows and biting the ear of Lesnar and hitting him with a lot of forearms that left Lesnar rocked and then Punk hit a knee to the head of Lesnar from the top rope.

Lesnar was in the corner and Punk hit him with a couple of running knees to the face and when Punk went for one more knee Lesnar caught him and was going for the F5 but slipped off and kicked Lesnar in the head. Punk went to the top rope and hit the elbow on Lesnar for a nearfall. Punk signaled for the GTS but Lesnar escaped and went for the F5 but Punk escaped also and kicked Lesnar in the head. Punk went for the GTS but Lesnar countered to the arm lock that broke the arm of HHH but Punk reversed it to an armbar to a triangle lock where Brock almost tapped out. Lesnar reversed it by picking Punk up and slamming him but Punk kept the hold on Lesnar and then Lesnar picked him up again but Punk continued to hit Lesnar with elbow strikes until Lesnar got control and hit a running powerbomb on Punk.

The crowd was yelling “This is Awesome” and No DQ was trending #1 worldwide on twitter. Lesnar hit a serious of suplexes on Punk and got a 2 count. Lesnar went outside to grab a chair by the announce table but while taking his time Punk came off the top rope to the outside on Lesnar but was met with a chair. Punk got the chair and started hitting Brock with chairshots, Lesnar rolled into the ring and Punk went to hit him again but Lesnar caught the chair and was going to hit Punk but was met with a low blow. Punk went to the top rope with the steel chair and hit Lesnar in the head with the chair and got a nearfall. Punk started to hit Lesnar with the chair again but Heyman got involved stopping Punk from hitting him again and when Punk turned his attention to him Lesnar attacked him from behind. Lesnar went for the F5 but couldn’t do it because Punk had a hold on the tie of Heyman while Lesnar kept hollering at Heyman.

He had to let Punk go and then Punk hit the GTS on Lesnar and almost got the pin until Heyman interfered by attacking Punk. Punk chased Heyman around the ring until he ran in the ring and was met by Lesnar who went for the F5 until Punk reversed it to a DDT and almost got the pinfall. Punk then locked in the Anaconda Vice on Lesnar and he almost tapped into Heyman entered the ring with a chair and Punk stopped him. Punk picked Heyman up and punched him in the mouth and locked in the Anaconda Vice on him until Lesnar hit him with a chair. Lesnar continued to hit Punk with a chair and then he finally hit the F5 onto a chair and he finally pinned Punk. Winner: Brock Lesnar

Match Rating: 4.5/5- Wow, what an action packed and physical match between these 2. If people had any doubts about Lesnar they were answered and if people don’t think Punk is one of the best in the world, this match proved otherwise. Easily, the best match Brock has had since coming back. The crowd gave Punk a standing ovation after the match.



Now we have Dolph Ziggler teaming with Kaitlyn to take on Big E. Langston and AJ. Kaitlyn and AJ have been feuding for the past few months while Ziggler have been feuding with AJ and Big E. for the last couple of months after they turned on him after costing him the title. Big E and Ziggler started the match off with Langston trying to attack Dolph but Ziggler ducked and began to show which Langston charged him but met a dropkick. Langston got the advantage when he reversed Dolph to a belly-to-belly suplex.

Langston hit Dolph with a splash for a 2 count, and then Langston has Dolph in an abdominal stretch. Langston held Dolph in front of A.J and then she slapped him, but Dolph escaped Langston with a huge dropkick. AJ and Kaitlyn tagged in and charged each other with Kaitlyn picking her up and slamming AJ into the corner. Then she charged AJ again and hit a clothesline followed by a back breaker on her then she tried to hit AJ in the corner but she moved and Kaitlyn was met with a round house kick and AJ got a 2 count of it. AJ continued her offense on Kaitlyn even hitting a series of neckbreakers. She applied a sleeper on Kaitlyn and held it until Kaitlyn backed her in the corner to break the hold but she kicked Kaitlyn downed.

AJ went to the ropes but was met with a shoulder block from Kaitlyn. They tagged in Dolph and Big E. Ziggler took advantage with a dropkick on Langston and continued the offense with a series of elbow drops and got a 2 count. Ziggler went for the Fameasser but Langston moved and hit Ziggler with a reverse backbreaker but Kaitlyn interrupted the 3 count and Big E was staring at Kaitlyn like he was going to attack her but AJ hit her with a Shining Wizard. Langston tossed Ziggler in the corner and hit a huge shoulder block and was going for another one but Dolph moved. Dolph went to the ropes but AJ grabbed his leg but she was met a spear on the outside from Kaitlyn. Dolph turned around to a huge clothesline by Big E and he almost got a 3 count out of it. Then Langston got up he was met with a Zig Zag and got the 3 count. Winners: Dolph Ziggler and Kaitlyn

Match Rating: 2.5/5- Not a big fan of the mixed tag matches, think they would’ve done better if they were individual matches.



Now we have the main event with John Cena taking on Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship with Triple H as the special guest referee. This has been a really nice build and was looking forward to this match. It was turning to a Bryan vs. Cena and a Bryan vs. McMahons feud. It was being built up like Daniel Bryan isn’t the normal guy to be the face of the WWE. Let me say that Daniel Bryan is as over as anyone has been in a long time. The match started off with some mat wrestling by Cena but was reversed by Bryan to an armdrag.

They did the test of strength in which Cena threw Bryan down quickly into a pin attempt, Bryan then bridged up and Cena tried to get on top to power him down but Bryan didn’t budge and then Bryan reversed it and hit a monkey flip on Cena. Cena escaped the ring when Bryan went for the Yes Lock and grabbed his injured elbow. Cena went back into the ring and got Bryan into a headlock again and they continue going at it and even went through a series of reversals which lead to a backslide by Bryan for a 2 count and he hit a drop toe hold on Cena and then a submission hold, which Cena was fighting off. Cena went for the AA but Bryan held onto the rope and then Cena knocked him out of the ring into the announce table.

On the outside Bryan sent Cena shoulder first to the steel steps. Bryan went to suplex Cena off the steel steps but Cena reversed it and suplexed Bryan off of them. Cena tossed Bryan back in the ring and got a 2 count out of it. Cena started hitting Bryan with punches as he got up and sent Bryan hard into the turnbuckle knocking him down. Cena hit a sit down powerbomb on Bryan for a 2 count. Bryan then got the advantage with a series of forearms and kicks but Cena hit him with a knee to the gut but Bryan quickly got the advantage after flipping off the top rope and hitting Cena with a big clothesline. Bryan started unloading on Cena with a bunch of kicks while the crowd chanted “Yes! Yes! Yes! Cena ducked the last kicked and hit a series on flying shoulder blocks and done his side slam on Bryan.

He signaled for “U Can’t See Me” in front of Bryan while he was on the mat but was met with a kick. They done a lot of reversals and Cena hit the side slam again followed by the “U Can’t See Me” and then the 5 Knuckle Shuffle and then the AA but Bryan landed on his feet and kicked Cena in the face as he ran into the corner. Bryan went to the top rope and hit a missile dropkick and got a 2 count. Cena was sporting a nice little shiner under his eye and Bryan started unloading on him with some kicks to the hurt arm and kept telling him to get up. Bryan then snapped the elbow over his shoulder and then proceeded to kick Cena again.

When Bryan was going to snap his arm again Cena reversed it and was going for the STF but Bryan reversed it to an STF of his own. Cena was getting to the ropes but Bryan got up, moved him back and then picked him up to hit a couple of reverse suplexes for 2 counts. Cena finally broke the hold and went for the AA but Bryan reversed it to the Yes Lock but Cena got out of it and Bryan applied a front Face Lock on Cena trying to make him submit. Cena tried breaking the hold by ramming Bryan into the turnbuckles twice but to no affect. Finally Cena flipped him over and when they got up Bryan rushed Cena who caught him and hit the AA but only got a 2 count. Cena went to the top rope and was stopped by Bryan who hit a 2nd rope suplex and held on by his legs. Bryan hit the flying headbutt from the top rope and got a 2 count for it. Bryan was going for the suicide dive and was met with a forearm from Cena. Cena went to the top rope and hit Bryan with the leg drop and got a nearfall, Cena seemed frustrated now.

Cena put Bryan on the top rope and put Bryan on his shoulders but was met with a bunch of elbows from Bryan and he went for the hurricarana but Cena caught him and jumped off the 2nd rope and then applied the STF to Bryan. Bryan turned Cena on his back but Cena still held the STF in tight but Bryan reversed it to the Yes Lock but Cena got to the ropes. Bryan got his adrenaline built up and hit Cena with a couple of dropkicks in the corner and went for another but was met with a HUGE clothesline from Cena. They got up and exchanged punches and kicks, and then they both went into the ropes and flew into each other.

They were leaning on each other trying to get up and starting slapping each other with Bryan going off with slaps and kicks until Cena whipped him into the turnbuckle and Bryan went to flip over Cena but was caught and Cena went to pick him up for the AA but Bryan reversed it to a DDT. Bryan went to the top rope and was caught by Cena where he went for the AA again but reversed to a small package by Bryan for a 2 count. Bryan missed the first kick but landed the 2nd one to the head of Cena. Bryan got the crowd cheering Yes! Yes! Yes! and Cena got up and was met with a HUGE flying knee to the head for the pin. Winner and New WWE Champion: Daniel Bryan

Match Rating: 4.25/5- What a match, this was a great match and makes it even greater when Cena wrestled it with a torn tricep. Bryan deserves to be the champion.

Hold up Randy Orton’s music hit after Bryan celebrated for a while and confetti had dropped with explosions going off. He just held up the briefcase and walked away. Then he turned around and then HHH grabbed Bryan and pedigreed him. Orton entered the ring and handed HHH the briefcase and pinned Bryan to become the new WWE Champion. Winner and New WWE Champion: Randy Orton


Overall Rating: 4/5- What a great PPV, it didn’t start off great but the Del Rio/Christian, Punk/Lesnar and Bryan/Cena matches more than delivered. Add the huge swerve at the end of the PPV with Orton being crowned as the new WWE champion when HHH turned on Bryan was crazy, then the Rhodes/Sandow match was really good also.

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