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My Oldest Daughter is Becoming a Young Lady


Well one thing I can say about my daughter is that no matter what, she always got my back. She’s not only my mini-me but she’s my bodyguard whenever I have an issue with her mom or anyone else. But it wasn’t always like that, especially when she was a baby. I know when most people write about things concerning their family or anything in their lives it always has to be positive. This wasn’t the case when she was first born till the time she was around 4 months. For some reason, she didn’t like being around me, she just didn’t like my presence for some reason.

My wife thought it had to do with our son being a little over a year old and him being so close to me all the time. I never figured it out but it did bother me and wanted to be around her all the time but she cried. As she got older, probably around the time she was 6 months old she finally started wanting to be around me all the time. As a matter of fact, she always wanted to be around me and it didn’t bother her that her brother was around either. Everything was great between the 2 of us and then she entered pre-k, during that time we were inseparable and I was always visiting her class, going on field trips and just showed up to spend time with her.

Everything was going great and her little sister was born and I thought this would damage our relationship but we were still great with each other and she was a great big sister. As time went on there were times that she felt left out because she was always under me and now she had to share her time. As time moved on there were times and issues with her little sister but we got over those little hurdles.

Let me be the first to say that it’s a challenge for Fathers when you have one daughter who always been a Daddy’s Girl and then you have another daughter. As she’s gotten older we’ve pretty have got a hold on that issue and it’s now a non-issue and my older daughter has really grown to be a great young lady. I was worried when she started 8th grade this year at another middle school, around kids she’s never seen in her life. But to my surprise, her only gripe was that we didn’t move to this area a long time ago. She’s never been the type that love going to school, but now she absolutely loves it and even to the point where she is focused on everything including her work more, she’s wearing a little make-up and more focused on her clothing.

As I look at her in the mornings I see that she’s become a very beautiful young lady and still love it when people call her my mini-me. Once again, when talking about my kids and looking through these pictures of hers I do get a little emotional and realize that your kids will grow up really fast. So please guys out there, if you have daughters please play a positive and big part of their lives because they grow up quickly.

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