Rest In Peace 2Pac- Gone But Never Forgotten


Today marks the 17th anniversary of his passing and it happened on a Friday the 13th also and I remember it like it was yesterday. First, he was shot on September 7th after the Mike Tyson fight in Las Vegas and I remember watching MTV all the time getting updates on his conditions, yeah I know  that sucks there wasn’t the internet to give you constant updates. But for the first few days they didn’t know if he’d make it or not and then they reported that he was expected to make a full recovery and that he’s going to survive yet another shooting. Yes, to all people that doesn’t follow him; he was shot 5 times almost 2 years prior leaving a New York studio. So with the good news that he’s going to survive, I was happy about it and during those times I was actually rapping with the hopes of maybe, one day do a song with him……………yes I was that serious to the point I turned my bedroom to a studio. So Friday comes and I attend a high school football game with a group of fans and in the first quarter the stadium play-by-play guys said I have a very sad and important announcement, RAPPER/ACTOR TUPAC SHAKUR has just passed away!!!!!!!!! Now the school I went to wasn’t any urban school and I didn’t even though if they knew who he was, but all you heard was kids and even parents crying holding their kids……………..WOW, I was definitely shocked. We immediately left the game and just celebrated his life and listened to his music all night while shedding tears.





You might’ve read shedding tears, hold up man y’all didn’t know him like that; he was just a rapper what’s the big deal? Well til this day, he’s the only musician that I can listen to and actually relate to a lot of the things he’s talking about. When I listen to Pac I feel like he’s talking to me and telling me that I understand your pain. It’s crazy that now I’m in my 30s and I think I have a better appreciation for him now than I did when I was a teenager. My favorite album of all-time is still Me Against the World and my wife knows when I’m upset, something is bothering me or I just need to relax because I just throw that album on and then I feel better. I can go on forever about how Pac influenced me and still continue to after all these years. Just want to say Rest In Peace Tupac Amaru Shakur and I’ll be listening to your music all day.

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