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Best Wireless Plan Saving More Money








Well a few months back I was looking for ways to save money and I was looking everywhere from cable service, internet service and cell phone service. Well if I was going to save money through cable then I would lose a lot of channels and in the end some of the programs my family love would be gone. Then I started looking at ways to save money by maybe switching my internet provider or downgrading. After looking at all the options I realized that it wouldn’t be worth it and would suffer in the long run with crappy internet service.

Finally I started looking for a cheap wireless plan. Now seeing how much kids are on the phone and using up a lot of data, trust me if you have teenagers you know what I mean by monitoring their data and telling them you’re almost over the limit. We’ve had a few instances where they were over the limit which meant an extra $20. While looking at the plan with the Walmart Family Mobile and for $40 everything was unlimited, yes the data, texting and talking and best of all, NO CONTRACT!!!!

My daughter received the first phone and I was so happy with the service and not having to watch how much data she’s using and making sure that I won’t get overage fees that I’m transferring my other daughters phone.



Now with my contracted service there’s nothing that’s unlimited, I mean just for 3GB of data you’re paying $30, so when I only have to pay $40 for everything that’s great for me. The first phone we had was the Concord and it was perfect for my daughter because it’s an Android phone so she was able to get all the apps she love. Seeing how great the service is with the T-Mobile network my oldest daughter is the next one to switch her phone over to save more money.

Now with the first phone I opted to do the unlimited text/talk because my daughter is always at home and with Wi-Fi there was no need to add unlimited web, so that saved me 5 extra dollars.  So the bill is actually $30 a month, yes for the entire service and compared to my much more expensive and contracted provider where I pay $30 for data.

Now when I transfer my oldest daughter phone over to the Walmart Family Mobile service and by adding another line is $5 cheaper, I’ll be saving more. The plan is when the contracts for me, my wife and son finally end; we’ll be switching to this service seeing we’ve been paying $260 a month. So switching the provider I’ll pay $130-$140 a month, that’ll save me over a $100 a month.


New Plans

Now with any provider you’re looking for, the service has to be up to your standards. If you’re like me, the first place I look at is my place of residence, because I’m there more than any other place. You can check out the T-Mobile coverage area on the Walmart Family mobile website. I live in a strong area for the 3G service but with Wi-Fi, that’s really a non-issue and even if you’re having issues you can buy the speed-boost package.


TMobile Coverage

One thing I didn’t know about was that I can take a phone from another service provider and have it unlocked and port the number to the new provider. That’s one thing that has prevented me from moving to the new provider because I didn’t want to waste a phone, get a new number and have to buy a new phone. So with my daughter’s contract being up on Oct. 13th I’ll be heading to Walmart to get an in-store help on how I’ll transfer everything to the Walmart Family Mobile plan and keeping the same number and see how easy this is to do.


Now come back on October 30th when I’ll have another post about everything went and the actual process of taking a phone from another carrier to the Walmart Family Mobile. If you’re interested in acquiring service or changing providers visit or visit your local Walmart. Also, check out my post from July and August to see how much we’ve enjoyed our new plan from Walmart Family Mobile.


Follow my adventure to Walmart by looking at the pictures that were taken on my Google+ for this #cbias #FamilyMobileSaves #shop.

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