Create the Ultimate Outdoor Playground
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Backyard Playground: Create the Ultimate Outdoor Playground

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Create the Ultimate Outdoor Playground


Building the Ultimate Backyard Playground

If you have children, you know how important it is to give them a place to play outside that is all their own.  You also know what a challenge it can be to pack up and travel every time you want to help them burn some energy or engage in inventive play. To address this need, consider adding a backyard playground to your home improvement plans. Building a playground will provide your children with a play area that stimulates their senses and keeps them active in their own backyard. Here are some tips to get the most out of your backyard playground plans.

The swing set takes center stage in an outdoor playground

A swing set gives your children a centralized place to play in the backyard, offering a variety of activities and room for friends. Look for a set that will fit comfortably in your yard and be durable enough to withstand years of use. Try to think like a child when picking out the set that will work best for your outdoor playground. Sets that have tunnels for climbing through, different types of swinging elements, and places to climb and build strength (like monkey bars) can keep your child entertained as they  grow and their physical abilities expand.

Include natural elements in your playground plans

The more variety you can put into your backyard playground, the more hours your child will want to spend exploring it. Think of ways to bring the elements into your backyard playground plans.

  • Water:  Look for a water table that you can empty and refill with fresh water, making it easy to clean when needed. A lid can be helpful to keep out the bugs and other animals looking for a water source. It’s also a nice idea to select a water table that can be moved inside and stored during the winter months.
  • Earth: An outdoor sandbox is a controlled and tangible way for your little one to dig in and explore the earth around them.  Remember to include a variety of tools for digging, stacking, sifting and pouring.  Also create a sandbox with a cover so that you can keep the space sanitary for play.
  • Wind: Create some height so that your young explorer can climb up and feel the wind with their feet off the ground. If you have the space, consider having a tree house built or purchasing a climbing dome for hours of fun above the ground.

Create a budget for your playground plans

Before you start to draw out your outdoor playground plans or start building, you should take the time to map out a budget and plan financing. Get quotes on the hardware you will use and also on any labor that will be needed to complete the project. Once you have a budget, the next step is to decide on financing. While some people may choose to use savings to finance a backyard playground project, others may choose a home equity loan or line of credit. No matter what your playground plans or how you finance them, improving your outside space can add value to your home and give your family increased enjoyment of the space for years to come.

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