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The New Wrestling Buddies Bring Back Memories!!!!!


I received these items for my honest review.




I’ve been a fan of wrestling for almost 30 years and still continue to watch WWE religiously, whether it’s Raw, Smackdown, Main Event, NXT or ordering PPVs. You think about it, during that time I’ve had damn near every wrestling toy, action figure or game that the WWE has put out. Now that I’m grown, I don’t play with the action figures or toys any longer but my son and 2 daughters have picked it up where I left off because they love everything about the WWE and they now collect the action figures, toys and the Championship titles also. Recently, Mattel released a new group of WWE Wrestling Buddies where you can get some of your favorite superstars like John Cena, The Rock, Sheamus, Rey Mysterio and many more where they actually talk whenever you hit them. Ever since getting those my daughters have been playing with these all night and love fighting with each other with them also.

My daughters really wanted these and what’s cool is that I remember having these growing up also. When I was a kid I had the Hulk Hogan and Ultimate Warrior and now my girls have the Sheamus and The Rock now. Seeing how they play with their favorite wrestlers and emulate them by acting, talking and just being like them always make me reminiscence when I was a kid. My kids love hearing the stories of me dressing up like the Ultimate Warrior when I was their age with the face paint and shoestrings tied around my arms and just running around the house acting crazy. So these WWE Brawlin Buddies are definitely bringing the family closer, as do the WWE but I do have one plea for them and that’s bring back some of the classic toys of the wrestlers from back in the day because I’ll buy those also.

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  • Lee

    Like father, like children!!! Long live wrestling hey! I’m like you, I grew in the Hulk Hogan and the Ultimate Warrior days! I even remember “The Nature Boy” hahaha Rick Flair, and Dusty Rhodes! Man, Andre the Giant, all them guys, those were the days! I’m sure your kids are having a blast with the Buddies!!!

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