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Check Out the MicroTouch One Razor!!!!

I received the MicroTouch One Razor for my honest review.


MicroTouch One

If you have followed my blog over the last year then you know that I’m very passionate when it comes to taking care of my face. I’ve had a chance to try so many great brands of shave and face cleaners. No matter what kind of shaving gel, aftershave or face wash you may prefer you’re going to need a really good razor to keep your face healthy looking. Recently, I had a chance to try out the new MicroTouch One Razor, which gives you the single blade shave that I’ve always loved seeing I used to cut hair myself. The MicroTouch One Razor is the modern version of the timeless classic razor. A substantial and precision crafted tool, MicroTouch ONE is made of solid brass and chrome plated to a beautiful, polished shine.  The ONE feels fabulous in your hand and, most importantly, glides smoothly across your skin for the best shave of your life.  The ONE’s “butterfly” opening allows you to easily and safely clean the blade, rinsing it free of shaving cream and whiskers after each shave.  Your blades last longer, and that saves you money.



The MicroTouch One Razor comes with the razor and 24 blades, also a small mirror so you can shave on the go also. The package it comes in looks very nice and professional also. Each blade is wrapped in paper, which is good because safety and kids could easily get their hands on them and cut themselves, hell even grown-ups like myself. All you do is place one Dorco Blade inside the razor blade chamber after you twist open the chamber.  After placing the blade inside, you close the chamber and you’re ready to go!

After shaving my face felt so fresh and the best part was I had no nicks, cuts or blood on my face afterwards. After using the blade all you have to do is rinse it off and you’ll be able to use it again. The shave was very comfortable and felt great on my skin, the MicroTouch One Razor is something I highly recommend you trying and if you like to learn more about the razor and purchase go to the website.

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