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I’m Loving These New Active Series Insoles from Dr. Scholls

318There are so many people in this world that have many issues when it comes to their feet. Well you can add me to that list of people that deals with the issue everyday. I’ve always attributed it to walking on concrete all night long for 5 to 6 days a week for about 15 years. I’ve bought other insoles and usually my feet are hurting again by the end of the week. I was really in need of some new insoles and then I had the luxury of trying the Dr. Scholl’s® Active Series® insoles and when I first stepped into my shoes, OH MY GOD!!!!!!! I told my co-workers it felt like I was walking on air. Trust me, they laughed and said I was trippin’ and made comments like let’s see how you feel at the end of the night or week. Well the night came and went, followed by the entire week and my feet felt great and my knees wasn’t bothering me as much either. I’ve had multiple surgeries on both knees and they seemed to ease the pain in them, which I’m very thankful for also. What’s even crazier is that a few of the guys who were clowning me about them went out and bought them also and they’re loving them also.

The Dr. Scholl’s® Active Series®  also helps reduce foot odor with the SweatMax Technology. During athletic activity, the foot is subject to the shock from impact of 2-3 times your body weight with every step. Dr. Scholl’s® Active Series® Insoles reduce shock by 40% and, for those with shin splints, runner’s knee and plantar fasciitis, helps relieve and prevent the pain. So get out there and get you a pair and start feeling comfort and relief.


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