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Walmart Unlimited Plans is What’s Best For My Family


CB-sponsored-post-white-600   Screen-Shot-2013-09-30-at-11.37.08-AM If you’ve followed the site in the last few months then you know that I started using the Walmart Family Mobile Plan to get my daughter a phone, which is great because we have great service, it’s unlimited and was not under a contract. Last month we stepped it up a notch and since my oldest daughters’ contract was up from the expensive provider and we decided to move her iPhone over to the Walmart Family Mobile plan as I stated on my last post. When I was telling friends and sharing the stories online about me switching to the new provider they were telling me that it was too good to be true and that I’ll get some unexpected charges on my bill.   Well the first couple of months came and went, guess what, there were no extra charges and when I showed some of the naysayers the first couple of bills and of course, there were other criticisms. They were saying that, of course it’s cheap because the service probably sucks so yeah you’re saving money, but you’re probably getting horrible service. I’ve never asked my daughter about how great the service because she’s always playing games on the phone or texting her other 8 year old friends. Since my oldest daughter has service through the Walmart Family Mobile plan now and we were traveling throughout the mountains a couple of weeks ago that was our time to test it out. The entire time we were asking my daughter how many bars you have and she was always telling us that she had 3 to 4 bars all the time while mine and my wife’s phone has 1 and 2 bars. My wife called her dad and she was breaking up, while our daughters’ phone wasn’t breaking up as much and none of the calls broke up but they were also clear. The first thing my wife said,” this ain’t right at all”, how the hell is she getting better service than we are. I mean we went from Georgia to North Carolina and Tennessee throughout the mountains and the service was really good. New Plans   So I must say that the plan is great and now my wife have even contacted our contract service provider to ask how much would it be to get out of contracts. Of course, they’re not happy because we’ve been a customer so long and they were even offering us discounts on our bill for the next 6 months. So not only we got great service but we’ve been saving some money which is why we decided to spend the weekend in the mountains and even done a bit of shopping while we’re at it. Since Christmas is around the corner, the money we’re saving we’ve decided to put back the difference to go towards Christmas gifts for the family also.





TMobile Coverage You can view the T-Mobile coverage area on the Walmart Family Mobile website to check your area and see how the coverage will be before switching service. We’ve been using this service around 5 months now and it has been great. There are no gimmicks to this plan and you will not get any unexpected costs on your bill either. To learn more about the Walmart Family Mobile plan visit, or just head over to Walmart and let them walk you through the process at the Walmart Wireless Center. #MyFamilyMobileSaves

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