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Trying to Win Money With Online Horse Racing


Being an avid sports fan, well you can say that I’m obsessed with sports because I pretty much follow every sport you can think of. Whenever you follow something you have an obsession for like sports, then you tend to show that you know more than anyone around you. No matter what sport I have a habit of gambling, yes I always tend to place bets on whatever I think will win. I’ve put money on everything from baseball, basketball and football to hockey, tennis and horse racing. One big issue is finding someone that will bet with me because most of my friends or co-workers will talk trash until I bring up money. Usually I’ll find someone to bet on football and maybe basketball but that’s about it, so no luck with hockey, tennis, baseball and horse racing. Well I was able to find places online to place bets on all the other sports and even horse racing bets online, that was referred to me by a friend just in time for the Kentucky Derby.


The Kentucky Derby is actually a two week festival that’s actually capped off with the race, which is not only known as the Run for the Roses but also The Fastest 2 Minutes in Sports or The Most Exciting 2 Minutes in Sports. In 1875, the race was originated and it features 3 year old Thoroughbreds. The purse of money up for grabs in the Kentucky Derby is around 2 million dollars and they have a chance to be a Triple Crown winner by winning the 2 previous races before the Derby, they’re called the Preakness Stakes and the Belmont Stakes. Affirmed is the last horse that won the Triple Crown and that happened in 1978. Secretariat is viewed as the one of, if not the best horse of all time and was the Triple Crown winner in 1973 with records set in the Preakness, Belmont and the Kentucky Derby. This year, the winner of the race was Orb and of course, I didn’t bet on him because I figured the favorite wouldn’t win. But next year, I’m going to be placing horse racing bets online and hopefully I can win some money.

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