Are You Into Gaming? If So, Peep These Next Gen Consoles



With the newly released Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 out let’s see who has more of the advantage. For the Sony PlayStation 4 it has been a big success for them. They have reported that they have made a record of how many ps4’s that was sold on day one release. During the pre-order time it was reported that the ps4 has a 4 to 1 pre-orders over the Xbox One. Both consoles are basically identical. The ps4 has a great feature for people who don’t have the money to buy a setup to stream their games. It has an option to stream or share your game on the PS4 remote just with one touch. Just click the share button the controller. The PS4 has a lot of great features for example having to only pay less than 5 bucks a month. That makes you feel like they are going to have a lot better servers.

On to the Xbox One, it came out with a sluggish start with not all the consoles sold on release day.  After release day they have been selling a lot of systems. They are catching up with the PS4 on sales and rapidly. Ever since lifting all those strict rules a lot of people have went and bought the Xbox One. They really are getting even more of a boost because MLG (Major League Gaming) is continuing to have tournaments on the Xbox. My father went to the Xbox One Tour in Atlanta and heard from developers that the Xbox One is looking towards the future. That makes a lot of people feel go that they are not just stopping with this but going to continue to try to get better. For the Call Of Duty big time players that persuades them as they locked in for them to continue to get the downloadable content first.

Now on to the best choice, now it all depends on what type of gamer you are.  If you are looking to take you gaming to a whole new level and want to go into competitive level and do tournaments for certain games you would want to head to the Xbox One. Yes it is a hundred dollars more but in the long run it is worth it.  If you are a person who just wants to play, have fun, and play on occasions go onto the PS4. You only pay less than five bucks a month. You play a hundred dollars less to pay. To finish it up, both systems are going to be great as they have been so far. I say both consoles would be a great by. If you could only get one buy the one you fit in on the categories I have. Good Luck on your decision and your new next gen console.

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