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5 Of The Biggest Triathlons In Australia



Triathlons are not for everyone, however they can be a rewarding and memorable experience for those who crave competitive sequential and endurance sports. Here at, we’ve found five of the biggest triathlons in Australia that are a must –do for all triathletes.

Cannington Dirt N Dust Triathlon

The Cannington Dirt N Dust Triathlon is held on April 19-21 in Julia Creek, QLD; it’s as rural as it gets for a triathlon. The event includes an 800 metre swim in Eastern Creek, a 25 kilometre ride along the Flinders Highway battling road trains coming in the opposite direction, then a 5 kilometre run through the township of Julia Creek. This fun weekend also includes entry tickets to the horse races at the Turf Club, and professional bull riding at night.

SunSmart Karri Valley Triathlon

The SunSmart Karri Valley Triathlon is held on April 6 at the Karri Valley Resort, in Pemberton, and is Western Australia’s best kept triathlon secret. The triathlon covers a 1.5 kilometre swim, a 60 kilometre bike ride, and 12 kilometre run. Athletes begin at Lake Beedelup and come full circle as they finish with a run around the lake. The great thing about the SunSmart Karri Valley Triathlon is that athletes and start and finish it whenever they want, so don’t have to wake up at the crack of dawn for a chilly swim.

Coles Bay Half Ironman

The Coles Bay Half Ironman Triathlon is held on February 16 at Coles Bay, Tasmania. Coles Bay is located on the northern edge of the Freycinet National Park, around 218 kilometres north of Hobart. The Half Ironman includes a two-lap swim of Great Oyster Bay, a two-lap bike ride, and a four-lap run around the Coles Bay Foreshore that includes section along the flat sand of Muirs beach.

Byron Bay Triathlon

The Byron Bay Triathlon, held on the 11th-12th of May, is one of the most iconic races in New South Wales. Covering an Olympic distance, the course begins with a surf swim, a 40km out-and-back bike leg, and a four lap 10-kilometre lap around the town. One of the reasons this race is so popular is because of its afternoon start time, and even though the swim can get a little rough, the road surface is quite flat and easy to keep a steady pace.

Murray Man

The Murray Man, held on the 10th of November in Barmera, South Australia, is one of the most underrated triathlons in the country. Athletes complete two one-kilometre laps in Lake Bonnet, four 20-kilometre bike laps, and four five-kilometre laps around the town in the heat and wind. The Murray man is designed as a practice run for Ironman Western Australia, and is designated as the Triathlon Australian National Long Course Age Group for 2014. From running to swimming to bike riding, these five triathlons are some of the biggest competitive events Australia has to offer, and are a must-do for all triathletes!

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