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Daddy’s Hangout Top 10 NBA Players of All-Time


I’ve been asked about my top 5 NBA players of all-time ever since Lebron James came out and said that when he’s finished he’ll be on the Mt. Rushmore of basketball players when he’s finished beside Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird and Oscar Robertson. I’ll be honest, I can’t just list 5 guys who I think is worthy of being the top 5 players ever. So I’ll try to do a top 10 of all-time and do I think Lebron James is worthy of being considered, but let’s make it clear and that he could be one of the top 5 players ever when he’s finished.


DrJ210. Julius “Dr. J” Erving

-NBA Champion and Hall of Famer    -16 Time NBA & ABA All-Star

-2 Time ABA Champion                            -Part of the 35th and 50th Anniversary Team

-1983 League MVP & 3 Time ABA MVP   -Slam Dunk Champion



17736-kobe-dunk-on-dwight-howard9. Kobe Bryant

-5X NBA Champion & 2-Time Finals MVP   -2008 NBA MVP

-16 Time NBA All-Star    -2 Time Scoring Champion & Lakers All-Time Leading Scorer

-2 Time Olympic Gold Medalist    -Scored 81 points in 1 game



jerry-west-300c8. Jerry West

-Member of the 35th & 50th Anniversary Team     -NBA Champion

-14 Time NBA All-Star & All-Star MVP(Once)  -4 Time NBA Champion as Executive

-2 Time Executive of the Year        -He is the Official Figure of the NBA



Larry Bird7. Larry Bird

-3 Time NBA Champion & 2-Time NBA Finals MVP   -12 Time NBA All Star & MVP(Once)

-3 Time 3 Point Shootout Champion   -Member of the 50th Anniversary Team & 1992 Dream Team

-3 Time MVP         -9 Time All NBA First Team



Kareem Abdul-Jabbar6. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

-NBA All Time Leading Scorer                -6 Time NBA MVP & 6 Time NBA Champion

-2 Time Finals MVP                 -Member of the 50th Anniversary Team

-2 Time NBA Scoring Champ & 19 Time NBA All-Star   -1970 NBA Rookie of the Year




Oscar Robertson5. Oscar Robertson

-NBA Champion(1971) & NBA MVP(1964)    -12 Time NBA All-Star & 3 Time All Star MVP

-Member of the 35th & 50th Anniversary Team    -Most Triple Doubles Ever(181)

-NBA Rookie of the Year(1961)         -9 Time All-NBA First Team




Los-Angeles-Lakers-32-Magic-Johnson-Basketball-Jersey4. Magic Johnson

-5 Time NBA Champion & NCAA Champion     -3 Time NBA Finals MVP & 3 Time NBA MVP

-12 Time All-Star & 2 Time All-Star MVP      -Member of the 50th Anniversary Team & Dream Team

-4 Time Assist Leader & 2 Time Steals Leader     -All-Time Assist Leader When He Retired




Wilt3. Wilt Chamberlain

-2 Time NBA Champion & 1 NBA Finals MVP     -4 Time NBA MVP & NBA Rookie of the Year

-7 Straight NBA Scoring Titles & Rookie of the Year    -13 Time NBA All-Star & Once All-Star MVP

-Member of the 35th & 50th Anniversary Team   -Scored 100 points in a Game




Bill-Russell2. Bill Russell

-11 Time NBA Champion & 2 Time NCAA Champion    -5 Time NBA MVP

-12 Time NBA All-Star & 1 Time All-Star MVP      -4 Time Rebounding Champion

-Member of the 25th, 35th & 50th Anniversary Team




130215154809-michael-jordan-reverse-single-image-cut1. Michael Jordan

-6 Time NBA Champion, 6 Time Finals MVP & NCAA Champion      -10 Time Scoring Champion

-5 Time NBA MVP & NBA Rookie of the Year      -14 Time All-Star & 3 Time NBA All-Star MVP

-10 Time First Team All-NBA & 9 Time All-Defensive Team    -Member of the 50th Anniversary Team




This is my top players of all-time and I could list other greats like Hakeem Olajuwon, Moses Malone, Earl Monroe, Shaquille O’Neal, George “Ice Man” Gervin and so many more and one day guys like Lebron James and Kevin Durant could be apart of this list. So who are your top 10 players of all-time?







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