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5 Must Have Power Tools For Any Home Owner


Whether you’re interested in undertaking some DIY projects, or keen on finally fixing those things around the home that need fixing, owning the right power tools is absolutely essential. Without the right tools, any task you undertake is sure to be more difficult and time consuming. Plus, the quality of the finished job may not be as good as can be. If you need a little help in knowing which power tools you should own to help you on whatever task you’re committed to, read on. Here are the top 5 tools you should own to help you on your way.

1. Cordless drill.

Everyone could use a cordless drill around the home. With them, you can drill holes of any size, as well as drive screws in for solid connections. Saving you lots of time screwing in, and removing screws, a cordless drill is an absolute must-have power tool and shouldn’t be ignored.

2. Power saw.

Anyone serious about undertaking any DIY project will probably need a high-quality power saw (such as those made by STIHL power tools ) in their shed or garage. A power saw allows you to make cuts to size, whether to build a new table or fix a unbalanced chair. Always be careful when using any power tool, especially a power saw. Blades can get extremely hot in and after use, and so be sure you don’t touch them to avoid injury.

3. String trimmer.

Sometimes referred to as weed whackers, these handy power tools are great for trimming grass borders, and keeping things neat around the backyard. They allow you to trim in those hard to get to places in record time, saving you tons of time each week.

4. High pressure cleaner.

When it’s time to clean things up, a high pressure cleaner can be one of the best investments you can make. These power cleaning tools use high pressure water (hot or cold) to remove dirt and grime from many surfaces around the home: including concrete, metal and plastics. They can be used to give your car or motorbike a nice clean – and get them looking like new again.

5. Oscillating multi-tool.

These powerful devices are capable of removing grout from tiles, trim door frames and sanding floors and surfaces. Housed in a relatively small casing, an oscillating multi-tool lacks the raw power of other power tools, but more than makes up for this in precision and versatility. Although once a very expensive tool they have recently become much more affordable, meaning that there’s really no excuse for not having one in your power tools arsenal.


The next time you need to fix something around the house, or feel the urge to undertake a DIY project, make sure you choose the right power tools for the job. The right tools will ensure a high quality job, plus make light work of almost any task. Just be sure to always put your safety first when using any power tool. It’s better to take things slow at the start, just to make sure you don’t hurt yourself.

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