Several New Games You Can’t Afford to Miss



Being a father to a couple of teenagers they always know what are the coolest games being played by everyone way before I do. Usually I’m good with just watching TV, going outside finding something to do or just catch up on some blog work. Besides that my wife and I love traveling to the Cherokee, NC to visit the Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Resort. With that being a 3 hour drive for us we don’t get there quite often as we like because we really love playing those games. Seeing the gas prices being high and working all the time I have turned to playing games either online or on my phone. First my kids got me into Angry Birds, which I loved that game and had about 5 different versions of that game on my phone until I just got tired of playing it because it wasn’t the same. Then my son came home from school and introduced me to Flappy Birds and it was fun for about 2 days and then I turned away from that game and just deleted it from my phone. After a while I just start playing Solitaire all the time on my phone and I still play this game until this day, but it has nothing on playing poker, which I love.


Now every now and then I have some friends over and we play poker, spades, tonk and some other games but it’s hard trying to get everyone together because we work all the time. So my oldest daughter grabbed my phone and downloaded Minecraft and I’ll be honest I had no clue on what I was doing and immediately turned away from that game. No matter what game my kids had me playing on my phone I felt like they were kid games and something that I got bored playing quickly. Finally, my wife got involved and she put Candy Crush on my phone and she was upset when she asked for a life and I had deleted the game off my phone also and said I was hard to please. After that I wanted to head back to the Casino in Cherokee, but I didn’t have the money and I started searching online to find a casino and I came up on The signup was very easy, no money required and most importantly, they had all the games I love to play. I was playing all the time, whether it was Slots, Blackjack, Jackpots and Table Games. So join me and head over to Caesar’s Casino and enjoy playing the casino games like myself and trust me, it’s ADDICTIVE!!!!!

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