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Finally Tried the Speed Stick Gear Deodorant

I received this product from Influenster in return for my honest review. 


Finally Tried the Speed Stick Gear Deodorant


When it comes to deodorant I can probably speak for all the men out and that’s we’re very particular when it comes to choosing what kind to wear and when we find the right one, it’s a wrap. Trust me, for years I’ve used the same deodorant and never wanted to change, but I guess I’m different because I always like to try different things because you just never know. Whether it’s washing powder, hair styles or new ways to do my beard, you name it and I’ll try it. Recently, I was asked about trying a different deodorant and I’ll be honest, I was reluctant because, well you know it’s deodorant and if it’s not any good then it could be a funky situation, you feel me…………lol.

Since I had 2 of them I bribed my teenage son to take the Speed Stick challenge with me and he agreed that he would do it. You see when I was a teenager I always used Speed Stick and when I began getting older, it just didn’t protect the same as my body started to change into a young man. So over the years, I guess I shied away from it and started to use some stronger deodorant and I tried several before settling on Degree.

I’ve used that for over 12 or 13 years, hell maybe even longer but I was willing to give the new Speed Stick Gear a try because one of its pitching points is that it provided up to 48 hour of protection and it was engineered for advanced performance. I gave it a shot last weekend when we were busy the entire time and of course I took some old deodorant just in case, but it actually felt great and couldn’t tell I had the new one on. My son said the same thing and he actually like it better, but with me I’ll give it time before making that decision but I do wear it every day now and haven’t thought twice about switching back.

If Speed Stick would’ve made this years ago, then I would have been a lifer and would have never switched. Now all my readers out there, take the Speed Stick challenge like myself and you’ll see that it’s legit and you’ll love it.

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