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5 Things Your Child Needs For Junior Sport




It is easy to skimp on gear for you children when they are still figuring out what their favorite sport is. However, you certainly do not want to put their health at risk and make them prone to injury by not providing them with proper equipment. Go down to a trustworthy sporting store like Mick Simmons Sport that provides a range of gear for both adults and children. Their extensive range will ensure that regardless of what specific sport they are in, you will be able to find these essential items that every child needs for their junior sport:

Head gear

Whether your little one is playing rugby league or union, or standing out fielding in cricket, they need some sort of protective head gear. If it is not for protection from head knocks, then certainly protection from the sun. Get them a wide brimmed hat that will completely protect their face and eyes from the sun. If the sport they are involved with is a non contact sport, you will also want to get them some sunglasses.

Mouth guard

Avoid chipped teeth and a bloody mouth for your child by getting them a proper mouth guard. You may want to spend the extra money and take them to a dentist to get a specially fitted mouth guard. Otherwise, technology has vastly improved over the years and the mouth guards available at sporting stores are top quality and very easy to mold. There are even options now for guards that will protect both the top and bottom sets of teeth.

A proper fit

Whether it is their jersey or their shorts, the temptation will be for you to buy a few sizes too large so that they can grow into it, but this will severely affect their abilities to move around properly. Also check the fabric that the clothing is made out of. Many companies will tend to take short-cuts when it comes to the quality of children’s gear. Find a fabric that is breathable, especially if you are in a hot climate. If you do need to save on money, ask the club they are in whether they have any used gear that you could purchase.


Not just any footwear, but proper fitting footwear. Be sure to find out exactly what foot shape your child has- whether they are flat, neutral, or high arched and then select a shoe that will fit accordingly. Just picking out any old shoes for your child will put unnecessary strain on their feet and also on their spine. Along with shoes, be sure to get good socks that are thick enough to protect them from blisters, especially if they are wearing footy boots with tags underneath. Shin pads are also a good little investment for avoiding those nasty shin clashes.

It is always a unique experience seeing your children discover who they are in the sporting arena. While their fearlessness is something you may envy as an adult, it is something that opens them up to the potentially for many injuries. Make the investments in these listed items to be the best parent you can be and protect your child from unnecessary injury.

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