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Quick and Healthy Breakfast with Nutri-Grain

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Did you know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? Well I’m a night shift worker; you know the graveyard shift so there are times that I just don’t eat breakfast or even think about it until I wake up too early because I’m hungry. Usually when I actually eat breakfast it’s usually something that I shouldn’t be eating and now that I’m getting older I really need to start thinking about eating healthy. Recently, I had the chance to try the Nutri-Grain Fruit & Oat Harvest Cereal Bars and let’s say that my kids attacked them before I did.

They loved both of them, the Blueberry Bliss and the Country Strawberry, which I didn’t mind that they were eating them every morning. The cereal bars contain 4 grams of protein and a hearty combination of real fruit and whole grains, which helps them start there day off right and allow me something healthy in my system before going to sleep. I’m always preaching to my kids that if they get proper sleep, which is around 8 hours of sleep and eating a healthy breakfast, they would have a great day at school. I knew they would love them because they’ve always loved the Nutri-Grain brand.

These Nutri-Grain cereal bars are available at any retail store nationwide and they’re sold in a box of 5 with the retail price being $3.59. You interact with other fans of the Nutri-Grain cereal bars like their Facebook page and see what other people are saying about the Nutri-Grain cereal bars. While there see which one people like the best between the Country Strawberry and the Blueberry Bliss. So are you like me and have time neglected breakfast? Do you have time to make breakfast before heading to work? Will this be something you think your kids will like? Head to your local retail store and buy you a box or 2 of the Nutri-Grain cereal bars.



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