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5 Tips That Will Reduce Allergens Around the House



Do you find yourself often getting hay fever or allergic asthma? Then making a few, simple changes in your home may alleviate the sneezes, congestion and runny noses. These steps don’t need to be time consuming or complicated, and can be very effective depending on what particular allergies you might have.

The first step to reducing your allergic reactions is to identify exactly what it is that is making you sneeze. Experiment with removing things that may cause allergies, whether it be dust, pets or mold. Work with your doctor to pinpoint the exact cause of your problems. Finding the issue will help you better modify your home without making drastic changes.

Dust can sometimes contain substances that trigger an asthmatic reaction. This can include symptoms like wheezing, rashes or simply a stuffy nose. As dust constantly builds up throughout homes, it may be beneficial to take steps to reduce your contact with it. This can be done by avoiding buying carpet and heavy drapes that collect dust. Pillows and mattress covers can help stop dust from building up. Make sure your mattresses are easy to clean –buying a mattress from Latex Mattresses Australia will not only provide comfort, but it is easy to clean for dust and other allergens. In terms of cleaning, use a damp mop on hard floors once a day, and vacuum carpets twice a week. If you find that this isn’t enough, an air conditioning system might be the best method for avoiding bringing pollen in from outside.

If you have pets, they may be the cause of your allergic reactions. All warm-blooded animals shed skin cells and make urine, which can be allergens. Don’t fret, you can still keep your loveable pet while making changes that prevent constant sneezes. If you can stand it, try keeping your pet outside, or at least out of your bed. This is more of a problem if you have carpeted floors, as hair can be difficult to get out. Make sure you clean out any bird or rat cages at least once a week, and dust and vacuum as often as you can. Above all, keep the dog or cat off the furniture!

Mold can be another cause of runny noses and sneezing. Indoor mold can be very common in damp basements or in humid houses. Luckily mold can be removed by taking a few prudent steps. Clean you baths and showers at least once a month with disinfectant. Keep the house dry and aired out in all seasons. You can do this by using a dehumidifier or an exhaust fan. When things look like they’re susceptible to water damage, remove them immediately, including carpets on concrete floors and wood close to water. If you keep your house in good order and repair all damages and leaks when they happen, you can significantly remove the danger of mold.

Finally, while smoke has not been proven to cause allergic reaction, it can irritate the sinuses and increase your reaction to other types of allergies. Cigarettes, smog from cities and pollution from cities can increase the likelihood to have allergic symptoms, so where possible, remove yourself from proximity to these things.

The bottom line is, posture is essential for maintaining good health. It’s just as important as eating healthy and getting enough exercise. Using these tips will ensure that you have more energy and less stress and fatigue.

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