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5 Tips to Make Cleaning at Home Much More Enjoyable


Besides turning up the music and flicking away the dust with a microfiber cloth as you practice dance moves you would only do when you are alone, there are actually tips that can help get your housecleaning done quickly and with enjoyment! If you are the type who is prone to leaving clutter pile up until you can’t stand it, the following tips could be just for you! Before you commence cleaning, put all cleaning products in a bucket so you can easily carry it from room to room. This will save much legwork.

Set the atmosphere

Light a scented candle or an oil burner. The aromatic aroma will wind its way through the rooms leaving its sweet smelling fragrance. When you have finished cleaning, your home will not only look fresh but will smell deliciously intoxicating. Choose fragrances such as jasmine, musk, frangipani or freshly baked goodies.

Make use of that empty laundry basket

Items always seem to stray from their intended place. When cleaning a room, keep a laundry basket handy to fill with items that don’t belong in that room. This will save walking backwards and forwards placing items in their right place. When the room is cleaned, pick up the basket and return items to their rightful spot.

Be Organized

Being organized in your home will make you organized in other areas of your life such as work, exercise and lifestyle. Cleaning always gives an end result of satisfaction. Always open and sort mail when it arrives, so it doesn’t pile up and look untidy. The same goes when dealing with junk mail and home delivered newspapers.

Use it as exercise

Housecleaning actually burns up lots of calories. You can make cleaning work for you by putting on wrist or leg weights when cleaning. You can also concentrate on repeatedly holding in your abdominal muscles for a short period of time. Make sure to keep hydrated!

 Give rooms a quick tidy up

Get into the habit of picking or straightening things up at night time. It will only take 10 or 15 minutes to do a quick walk through and pick up items, hang up discarded clothes, put shoes away, wipe down benches and straighten up cushions. Your home will look tidy in the morning and if your schedule changes next day, you won’t have to worry about housecleaning.

Cleaning your home yourself can give you a feeling of accomplishment. However, if your attempts at cleaning are hampered by lack of time or housecleaning really is a task that you do not want to do, call in the professionals. At they can have your home sparkling in no time. This will leave you free to use your time as you want to! Cleaning can be a tedious job that will need doing and redoing and redoing again. Sometimes it’s handy to use a professional cleaning service just to tackle the bigger home cleaning tasks.


These are 5 tips to clean your house and make it enjoyable. If you’re like me, just hire some help because you’re too busy to give your house the cleaning it deserves.

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