Let Best Buy Help Catch It All During March Madness

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Yesterday the madness began and you can say that I’ve thrown all of my brackets in the trash can also. The NCAA Basketball tournament kicked off with a bang and the games were on all day and night. Every year around this time there is so much excitement around the tournament and to be honest, this is really the only time that I’m not talking about football. March Madness is probably my 2nd favorite sporting event of the year and usually I’m taking vacation days so I can sit back and watch games all day. The problem growing up was that there were usually about 2 to 4 games on at one time and it was hard watching them all live. Then my method to keep up was to watch one until a commercial come on and then turn to the next channel and just continue to do that all day. Nowadays with all the technology we have and that’s available at Best Buy I’m able to watch all the games live at the same time whether it’s on my tablet, laptop, TV or even my cell phone. With all of these devices being able to stream the games I have multiple screens to keep up with every single game all day long.


Head over to Best Buy and see how they can keep you connected with great devices here: It’s brought to life by the brand promise of the latest devices and services, all in one place. I actually love being connected by all 4 devices they sell, but my favorite has to be my laptop because it’s right here in front of me and I’ve been using it for a few years now to stream all kinds of sporting events. Yesterday I stayed on my laptop all day, whether it was in my lap, laying in the bed with it or laying on the couch and keep it on the coffee table. There’s still time to head over to Best Buy and grab a device so you can keep up with all this March Madness and hopefully your bracket is better than mine.

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