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The Pros and Cons of Having an Above Ground Swimming Pool

Above Ground Swimming Pool


If you feel that building an in-ground pool is too big an investment right now, or you are not prepared for the upheaval to the back yard, you might consider installing an above ground pool. Above ground pools are generally more economical than their in-ground cousins and can be just as much fun. If you think an above ground pool can’t look fabulous, think again. Today’s models and accompanying decking and other features can look just amazing; click here for some great examples.


Once upon a time above ground pools were pretty ordinary. Today they can be modern, sleek and very beautifully designed. They will be cheaper as they do not require the expense of excavation and labor costs will also be less.

Less Upheaval

Another advantage of an above ground pool is that it will create far less upheaval in our backyard. Less construction will be required and that messy excavation associated with in-ground pool can be avoided. The backyard can be off limits for months when installing an in-ground pool, whereas an above ground pool can be ready for use very quickly and without the mess. Because the pool isn’t in the ground it can be easily removed and transported to a new location should you move house and want to take the pool with you!

An Eyesore

Some people do think an above ground pool is an eyesore in the backyard. Attention does need to be paid to decking and support structure to make sure your pool looks attractive and doesn’t detract from the aesthetic appeal of the backyard. Generally supports are made of aluminum, wood or steel. Different pool liner and pool wall patterns are available, although these are usually not as attractive as the cement of tiled finish of an in-ground pool. A built-in pool is one of the best things you can have in your garden, and it adds value to the property with ease. Opt for pool and landscape design to ensure the pool and the surrounding area all look stunning. You could also have some lights installed to make it stand out more. You can look into getting a professional pool lighting company to do the installation. 


The depth of the pool can be an issue with an above ground pool. Usually you will be limited to around 1 to 2 meters depth. This is still plenty deep enough to have a splash around and a cool down on a hot day but is not suitable for diving or deep water aerobics.

A Perception of Cheapness

One major disadvantage of the above ground pool is the perception that many people have that above ground pools are a cheap alternative to an in-ground pool. An in-ground is often valued as a luxury and a sign of affluence, whereas the above ground pool can be seen as the budget addition.

In-Ground Pools Last Longer

There is no doubt about it; in-ground pools will usually last many years longer than above ground pools. However, an above ground pool can be easily removed if you grow tired of it or if the kids grow up and leave home and you don’t use it anymore.

The main considerations when thinking about installing an above ground pool are your budget, your property size and layout, your ability to maintain the pool. If you have budget restrictions an above ground pool is probably the way to go. If you don’t want to spend much time looking after the pool, above ground pools are the best option. However if you are a keen lap swimmer, an in-ground pool may work best for you.

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