How I Make My Baked Potatoes

I’m not a professional cook nor do I think I can be one either, but I love food and one of my favorite foods to each is a good ol’ fashion baked potato. What started my love of baked potatoes were a trip to Wendy’s one day with a friend a long time ago and he always ordered a loaded baked potato and a cup of chili. I was always trippin like, man why you never get a burger or something and he always said don’t knock it until you try it. Okay, so one day I ordered the loaded baked potato and I told him that it was alright but I was thinking that this is really, really good. Since that moment I’ve been addicted to baked potatoes and I have tried every way possible to make them taste even better. Well after browsing for so long I’ve finally found the way of making the baked potatoes that I love and my family loves also.


photo 2


First I get the potato and rinse it off real good in warm water and then I prick it with a fork all around the potato. Afterwards, I take some cooking oil in my hands and rub it all over the potato then follow that by seasoning it with salt and pepper then wrap it up in aluminum foil. Now some people like them without foil and I have yet to try it but I will next time. I have to oven preheated at around 425 degrees and I put the potatoes on a baking sheet and cook them around 60 minutes while turning them every 20 minutes.


Potato Wrapped in Aluminum Foil

When they come out of the oven all nice and steamy the outside skin will be very soft, the inside will be soft also and very steamy.



photo 3


When my potato is done I like to make mine messy by adding butter, sour cream, bacon bits and cheese. This is so good and I absolutely love it.


photo 5

So what do you think, does it look good? How do you make your potatoes? What do add to your potato?

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