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Daddy’s Hangout Presents the NCAA Championship Game Prediction



Well tonight is the final game of one of the most unpredictable and exciting NCAA tournaments in recent memory. Who would’ve thought we would have a 7 seed in UConn facing off with an 8 seed in Kentucky. As you see in my last post, I predicted the opposite match-up playing in this championship game with the overall #1 seed Florida facing a 2 seed in Wisconsin. Well let’s get started!!!!


uconnKentuckyAs you’ve seen and heard by now, Shabazz Napier is to UConn today what Kemba Walker was in 2011. He’s had an incredible run that started in the Conference tournaments and has continued throughout the NCAA Tournament. Now his supporting cast has stepped up their games and helped them to victory in the Final Four game against Florida. Will Kentucky for the other Huskies to beat them and not Napier? If so, they are more than capable of doing this and think they all will step up. On the other hand, are the starting 5 for Kentucky really freshmen? It doesn’t matter the situation because they have always found a way to bounce back and elevate their game. This could be attributed to the great coaching of John Calipari and this is probably his best coaching job EVER. How big has Aaron Robinson been in this tournament with his clutch 3-pointers? With all of that being said, who do I think will win the National Championship? Man this is a tough one, but I’m riding with the Huskies in this game. Now remember, every team I pick they’ve loss so if UConn were to lose, I apologize for it.


UConn Wins 61-57




Who you got winning the championship game?

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