Five Must Haves For The Boys 4×4 Trip Away




If you’re going away for the weekend in a 4WD, you’ll want to be prepared. Roughing it is fun, but it also brings numerous challenges, so make sure you’re kitted out with these must-haves.

1. Roo bar

This device gives your 4WD much needed protection. The fluid heat exchangers at the front of the vehicle are vital to the car’s wellbeing. These days many 4WDs lack front-end protection, with the radiator and intercooler sitting behind a thin plastic exterior. A small crash with a tree or animal will be enough to take the car out of action. Roo bars are made of aluminum or steel and are designed to resist impact. The bar works with the airbag triggering mechanism and is also safe for pedestrians, so there’s no reason why your 4WD shouldn’t have one.

2. Battery

We’ve all been there – you return to your car, put the key in the ignition, and all you hear is the click of the starter motor. This is especially hazardous in a remote area. Modern 4WDs have security systems that put a constant drain on the battery, flattening it in no time. That’s why it’s so important that you have a backup. This can be a jump-starting device that can be charged from a cigarette lighter. Even better is a wired in battery, which has a dual-charging system. This can be usually used to run a fridge or lights, but when you need it in a bind it’ll be there for you.

3. Tyre monitor

While a legal requirement in the US, Australia does not require that 4WDs have a tyre pressure monitor. This device warns drivers when a potential leak occurs. Otherwise, you might only notice your tyre has gone flat when you have an accident or blowout. An early repair can keep you on the beaten-track for longer.

4. Recovery point

There comes a time in every 4WD owners life that they get bogged. Odds are it’s going to happen a lot more than once as well, and when it comes you’re going to need help. The easiest way to do this is installing a small tow point on the vehicle. While you’re front bar will help you get out in a bind, you’ll need a bar on the back as well, or strong recovery hooks bolted into the chassis.

5. Other essentials

Now that you’re 4WD is up to scratch, you’ll want to look into all the extra supplies that will make your trip go smoother. A first aid kit is essential for injuries incurred while driving or outside your vehicle. Make sure you also provide more food and water than you need, as well as a GPS and satellite phone. You should also take a water and fuel bladder with you as an emergency supply. Click here to find a trustworthy and dependable bladder.

Once your vehicle and supplies are all in order, get out there and have an enjoyable, safe trip with your friends.


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