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Why You Should Have a Man Cave in Your Future Home

Man Cave

You are designing a new home, planning the ideal kitchen, the perfect dining room, the luxury bathroom, but what about the ‘man cave’, the place where he can relax and take time out? While the rest of the house is designed and decorated like a page from a home décor magazine, the man cave is a place he can adorn with his old footy trophies, racing car magazines and his favourite old armchair.

Generally, the women of the house would like to delegate his ‘things’ to a box in the garage and definitely not have them spread about the house, so a man cave can be the perfect solution. While a female partner might worry that a man cave may mean she sees even less of her man, the reality is that if a man has a place to hibernate occasionally, he is more likely to want to spend quality time with the family after he emerges.

If you are pushed for space and not quite sure how to integrate a man cave into your house plans, talk to someone who knows how to maximize living areas. Make sure you get what you need out of your new home, Coral Homes have been designing family homes for a long time and can work with your needs.

Personal Space

Let’s face it, we all need personal space, especially when we are tired and stressed or life is getting us down. A man cave allows the male of the house to have some much needed timeout away from the hustle and bustle of family life.

Save Money

Another advantage of the man cave is that it will save money. Instead of having to retreat to a club or bar for some timeout, a man cave provides him with a place to chill out alone or with friends – without the expense. For many men their home is their castle and to have a place within their four walls to enjoy is a huge bonus. Having a few beers at home with the mates will be infinitely less expensive than a night out.

Quiet Time

Women tend to be far more verbal than their male partners. They love to talk! When women have alone time they can often be found texting or chatting on Facebook with friends. They are still connecting. Men’s alone time is usually different. They enjoy solitude, a chance to be quiet. They may play with cars, create woodwork, tinker with electronics, but it is all done in quietness. Men are often much better able to relate after they have had the luxury of some quiet time.

A Room of His Own

A man cave is a place where he can go to just be himself. The pressures of family life can erode our sense of self as we disappear under a barrage of demands and expectations. The man cave is an essential place for a man to reconnect with himself.


What’s your dream man-cave? Leave your ideas in the comments below.

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