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2014 NBA Playoffs Pacers Wizards 2nd Round


Finally, we have a 2nd round match-up in the 2014 NBA Playoffs which has been the best 1st round series in the 25 years that I have followed the NBA. All of the 1st round series have been competitive with the exception of 1 series. Now we have the top seed in the Eastern Conference, the Indiana Pacers facing the Washington Wizards, who’s the 5th seed. The Indiana Pacers finally finished the 8th seeded Atlanta Hawks in 7 games while the Wizards finished the Bulls off in 5 games.



Indiana_PacersWizardsThis is going to be another tough, closely contested series between these 2 teams with the chance to advance to the Eastern Conference Championship. The Indiana Pacers had moments against the Atlanta Hawks where they played like they a team that shouldn’t be in the playoffs. Still the Pacers advanced and they have the talent to make a run to the NBA Finals but they must play better in this series and Roy Hibbert must establish himself and play the way he’s capable of playing. Now here is the upstart, young Washington Wizards advancing to the 2nd round of the Eastern Conference and some believe they are the 2nd or 3rd best team in the Eastern Conference. They have one of the best backcourts in the NBA with John Wall and Bradley Beal and they’re also young and this could be the beginning of something special for the Wizards. They also possess a tough frontcourt with Marcin Gartat and Nene, so they’ll give the Pacers all they can handle and some. Before the playoffs started, the belief is that the Pacers would advance to the Conference Finals against the Heat. I believe this is another 7 game series for the Pacers and they will barely edge out the Wizards to advance.


Indiana Pacers Win Series 4-3



How do you see this series playing out? Are the Wizards ready to take the next step?

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