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Daddy’s Hangout Presents WWE 2014 Extreme Rules PPV Review

Extreme Rules PPV


Here we go again; the WWE presents Extreme Rules which is the PPV after WrestleMania. They have some interesting storylines heading into this PPV and the actual build for the most part have been good. The Kane/Bryan, Evolution/Shield and Cena/Wyatt storylines have been great going into the event. Let’s get started!!!!





The opening match featured Rob Van Dam, Jack Swagger and Cesaro, 3 really good performers in the elimination match. This match was really exciting with several good spots and the first elimination came when Cesaro hit Swagger with a suplex from the middle rope and then RVD hit the 5-star frog splash afterwards to eliminate Swagger. This left Swagger gone, RVD and Cesaro turned things up and put out a great match. The finish came when RVD went for the 5-star frog splash with a trash can on Cesaro but Cesaro moved and he landed on the trash can and then he hit RVD with the Neutralizer on RVD onto the garbage can. Winner: Cesaro


Match Rating: 4/5- Great opening match which got the crowd excited.





In this match we have the “Bulgarian Brute” Alexander Rusev facing the team of R-Truth and Xavier Woods. Woods was taken out before the match and this was basically a squash match. Hate seeing what they’re doing with Woods because he’s a really good wrestler, smart guy and just a good guy to have on your roster. Winner: Rusev


Match Rating: DUD





This was probably the most anticipated match on the card between Evolution and The Shield. This turned out to be a match of the year candidate because the beat the hell out of each other. This was a great wrestled match between these 2 teams and the spots that Ambrose and Rollins were doing were INSANE. It seems like they were trying to outdo each other. Was definitely surprised to see the Shield pull out the win in this match!! Winners: The Shield


Match Rating: 4.5-/5- AWESOME MATCH!!!!!





This storyline has been intriguing with Wyatt playing mind games with Cena for last couple of months. This was being done in a steel cage and maybe I had high hopes for this match but it wasn’t as great as I thought it could’ve been. Just let Wyatt beat Cena cleanly without the help from Erick Rowan and Luke Harper but it was a nice touch having the kid freaking Cena out that allowed Bray to get the win. Winner: Bray Wyatt


Match Rating: 2.5/5





This is the 1st major defense for Paige since beating Aj for the Divas title the Raw after WrestleMania and it was against Tamina Snuka. Paige has potential to be great because she’s a great wrestler and there are times that Tamina is sloppy in the ring. They both put forth a good effort in the match though. Winner: Paige


Match Rating: 2/5





This is a match I was also looking forward to between Big E and Bad News Barrett for the IC title. Barrett earned a shot at the title by winning an 8 man tournament. This was a pretty good match between these 2 and hopefully this will be the beginning of elevating the title and in the end Barrett pulls off the win and he’s the new champ. Winner and New Intercontinental Champion: Bad News Barrett


Match Rating: 3/5





This is the main event with former tag team partners facing each other for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship when the champion Daniel Bryan faces Kane. Once upon a time they were Team Hell No and held the tag team titles also. This was a helleva match and they beat the hell out of each other which saw forklifts, fires and plenty more in this match. It felt like an old school Attitude Era match and I recommend people to go out of their way to see it. Winner: Daniel Bryan


Match Rating: 4/5- They beat the hell out of each other in this match.



Overall Rating: 7.5/10- I think this PPV exceeded most people’s expectations because I know it did mine. The Evolution/Shield match was an instant classic and then throws in 2 great matches with Bryan/Kane and the Triple Threat opening match between Cesaro/RVD/Swagger. Add a good match for the IC title and you had a pretty good PPV.

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