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Recommend Team Snap to your Kids Coach

Team Snap



The school year is almost over with and that means that it’s time for travel ball or they could be playing AAU ball too. If your child is playing travel ball I’ve seen firsthand how the weather is so unpredictable and you’re trying to contact several parents or even the coach to ask about practice because the weather is saying there’s a possibility of storms in the evening. On one hand, you feel like you’re becoming a headache to the coach because he or she also work and you feel an obligation to know what the plan for practice is or you feel like a pain or feel you’re becoming a pain. Even worse, you may have to travel several miles to attend a game and still there is a storm around the corner and you’re trying to find out what’s going on and want to know every update if possible. With – Manage Your Team Sports Online Fast and Free! and this is a way that the coach can send out one message and everyone receives it. It’s easy and simple to sign up and the app is available to all iPhone or Android networks, so it wouldn’t be a problem. You will be able to create a team page where you can share team photos with everyone who downloads the app. This app helps with all the confusion of knowing who’s paid all the team fees and you can also create a schedule where you have all the practices, games and the all-important, who’s responsible for snacks after the games. As I said in a previous post, last year when my daughter was cheerleading most of the communication was through emails and it was pretty hectic. With Team Snap, you can send messages and keep all the contacts on this 1 app so if there’s a storm coming or a change of plans, all you have to do is message all the parent and problem solved. Let your child’s coach know about Team Snap and take a huge burden of their back, because they have enough to worry about when it comes to just coaching. Head over to – Manage Your Team Sports Online Fast and Free!

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