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New Gillette Razor Makes for Smooth Shave

I received this new Gillette Fusion Pro Glide Razor with Flex Ball Technology for my honest opinion from Gillette






First of all, let me say that I’ve tried so many different razors and by now I would consider myself an expert. They all have done what I’ve wanted them to do as far as just shaving but the one thing I really needed was one for sensitive skin. Yes, I’m a victim of having sensitive skin and every time I shave usually my skin is red and irritating which is very uncomfortable. Another thing is that every razor I’ve tried in the past doesn’t conform to your face as far as the curves to give you that smooth shave hat you desire and you usually have to do the feel test and basically shave again, like going over your paint job with a second coat.





Well I had the chance to receive the new Gillette Fusion Pro Glide Razor with the Flex ball handle technology and man this razor was on point. This razor provided a very smooth shave and no burning or redness after the shave either, which was the first thing I noticed. When shaving you can feel it cutting the entire face and I didn’t feel any stubble afterwards and I was very surprised at that because that never happens. Another thing that I’m real picky about is that I love to line up my thin beard and make it look professional and it definitely done the job there and even my wife complimented me on it, which almost never happens. So if she approves, which is rare then I’m definitely sticking with this new razor and it has replaced all my other razors I have.


So are you tired of the razors you have and need to upgrade? Have you tried the new Gillette Fusion Pro Glide Razor with the Flex ball technology? Let’s be honest, whenever Gillette has their hand in something you can count on it being the best.

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