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My Timeshare Nightmare on Vacation


Well let me say that my family and I had a great vacation and I definitely recommend to anyone to visit the Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg area of Tennessee. There were several places we visited and the town treated us with great respect and the scenery throughout the town was great with all the beautiful mountains. While we were in Pigeon Forge they had so many places for entertainment, eating, shopping and just about everything you can think of and it’s great for families. The same could be said about Gatlinburg and also you can just park downtown and walk around to see so many stores, attractions and the Ripley’s Aquarium is down there also. During that time while were walking around there were several guys trying to get you to attend the Westgate Resort’s meeting about Timeshare ownership and they were offering everything for you to go. While talking with the guy he telling my wife and me about going to the resort and listen to someone talk for 90 minutes and I’ll get my $20 deposit plus $100 cash for attending. I told my wife that this was too good to be true and I didn’t have time to research what we were getting into before going and I really wish I did. Hell even Shrek had a quote in the movie about timeshares in the movie.


First off, let me say that when we arrived to the Westgate Resort it was beautiful and with security everywhere it definitely felt very secure. When we signed in and finally met the lady who was telling about everything and went over life decisions she was really nice and her name was Dana. After going over everything about how much money you’ll spend going on vacation and about how much money we could save, without telling us the price we were kind of impressed. She showed us about the future plans for the place to help it grow and to me it looked like a small city when they were finished with everything they wanted to add to the property. After that, she showed us around the property and showed us different levels we could get on the property and they were really nice properties with a really good waterpark also. When she was finished she finally started giving us the prices and I almost shouted out………ARE YOU FREAKIN CRAZY? The prices ranged from $25,000 to $60,000 for owning some timeshares and by that time her manager came over and I had a bad aura about that man and it was completely true. First off, he tried to tell me about doing this and taking more vacations that it’ll save unhappy marriages, bring fathers closer to his kids and all this other stuff that doesn’t pertain to me or my family and I definitely let him know about it. Well he tried to throw in so much other stuff, lowered the price of things, said they’ve sold 30 already today, told us he was an ordained minister, said he loved us, said he don’t want to take food out of our kids mouth and said we would be crazy not to take his offer while slamming papers down which upset my wife to the point she left and went to the bathroom and the other lady seemed very uncomfortable. While she was in the bathroom the guy said let me talk to you while she’s gone and kept with the same stuff and he grabbed my arm which pissed me off and I told him to get his DAMN hands off of me before I do something I regret and his problem is that he talk too damn much and need to listen more because he’s wasting his time because when I say no, I mean NO. By that time my wife returned and he told the other lady that there’s nothing he could and he would process the paperwork for us to get our prizes. Next thing you know there was another lady trying to sell us something where we would get owner benefits and the money we put on vacation cabins could be transferred over to ownership in the future and we told her no also and we just wanted to get the hell out of there. She asked how did the lady treat us and we told her she was wonderful, answered all of our questions and she was the best but the guy, I didn’t like him. So after she dismissed us and we got our prizes which were the cash and also a free vacation for 3 nights and 2 days we were gone. After reading about the vacation deal we seen we would have to pay money and put down deposits for the “free” vacation. After browsing online I found other people went through the same nightmare and some had bigger nightmares than me and there were a website I read talking about Timeshare is like flushing money down the toilet.


So have you or anyone you know have had any issues with someone trying to sell you a timeshare? What’s your experience with timeshares? Are there any good stories about timeshares? Talk to me!!!!

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  • Lisa Ann Schreier

    If this is a true story, then it casts a bad light upon the entire industry, which is not fair. This type of behavior MUST be stopped and I think it’s safe in assuming that the majority of people in the timeshare community would like to see these people and this behavior stopped.

    The best information I can give you is to educate yourself about timeshares prior to attending another timeshare sales pitch, if in fact you ever go again. Patting myself on the back, start with my blog and website!

    Regarding these characters, why not write a calm e-mail or letter to higher ups at Westgate so that they can take appropriate measures?

    Timeshare can be great for some people. It’s a true shame that these characters ruin it for so many.

    • Travis

      Trust me it is 100% true!!! I agree that it must be stopped because it does give the industry a bad name and if I were to get involved with anything like it, I’ll definitely do my homework. I plan on writing them a e-mail because I’m pretty sure they don’t condone those kinds of actions.

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