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Happy Father’s Day from Daddy’s Hangout



Today is a very special day and this is the time to really give all the REAL Fathers out there props. From a personal standpoint, there’s nothing in life that I love being and nothing else I get the most joy out of than being a Father to my 3 kids. Too many times in life I’ve seen other men that’s my age become more involved in their kids life until they felt like they finally grew up and thought, huh I now think my child is the most important part of my life. Overall, I think fathers have come a long way because being involved with blogging and social media I seen so many great dads out there and it’s a great feeling. We still have the dad that works a lot, like me but still have time to spend time with their kids and have an intricate part of their lives. But also now we have the stay-at-home dads who do everything that the woman has always done and they’re doing great jobs at what they’re doing and the kids are growing up to be great kids. We also have dads who blog full-time so it allows them to be home with their kids most of the time, which is something I’m striving for one day and we have some great dads that are gay also. So whether you fall into any of those categories I want to applaud you all and keep up the great job in doing what you do.



For me personally, I definitely want to give a shoutout to my own father and say Happy Father’s Day to him. During the past calendar year he’s been in the hospital twice with health scares and as recently as this past week so I definitely value all the time we spend with each other, talk to each other on the phone or just anything we do together. I don’t want to write a long story or bunch of stuff, I just wanted to wish all the Great Fathers out there a very happy Father’s Day and hope you enjoy this special day and to always have a positive influence on your kids and look at Father’s Day as an everything thing.


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