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4 Great Tips for Working Effectively From Home

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While working from home is a great alternative to constant commuting to the office, anyone who does work from home understands the constant threat of procrastination. In an office environment, you’re allocated a desk and the workload is laid in front of you. You work, you eat, you work again, you leave. At home, it’s not that simple. There are dirty clothes sprawled around the house, dishes gathering in the sink or a new video game begging to be played. I’ll do it tomorrow becomes a mantra instead of a promise.

Even though many who work from home find themselves to be more productive, others continue to struggle to fill the day’s quota. Whether you’re chatting away on Google chat or calling in on your commercial phone like those available through Com2 , read over these few hints and tips to get back onto the path to success.

Commit to specific work hours

Setting your work hours not only provides you with a strict routine, it also allows you to properly get into the working mindset. The great thing about working from home is that you’re not restricted to the 9-5 work day. No one knows your productive clock like you do, so work at times that your brain can capitalize on. Whether it’s very early in the morning or late at night, committing to a routine is the first step to ensuring your productivity.

Don’t allow yourself to be distracted

Inform your family and friends that you shouldn’t be contacted during your self-allocated roster unless it’s an emergency. By ensuring you aren’t disrupted by idle chatter or gossip, you’ll find you will be able to get much more of your work done.

Create a dedicated workspace

It’s easy to get caught up in books, magazines or other items that may be lying around the desk, couch or other work station. Clear all these distractions away where you know they won’t catch your attention. There is a reason office workstations are set up with partitions, grey boarding and other boring pieces of furniture. It’s because they are channeling your boredom into something productive. You can achieve the same thing at home by first defining your workspace then purposefully decorating for optimal productivity. Figure out what inspires you and use it to your advantage.

Communication is the key

Whatever industry you are in, communication is essential to feel part of a team. Keep in touch with your colleagues throughout the day to maintain synergistic business relationships. Bounce ideas off each other or call in a team meeting. This will not only reinforce your team spirit but may also provide you with the inspiration you need to finish off the day’s work. If you don’t enjoy talking on the phone, organize a Skype session. This is also a fantastic way to showcase the work you have completed and present any reports to your boss.

Take into account these small tips and you’ll be making Employee of the Month in no time. The most important thing to remember is to not work too hard! Be sure to take small breaks every few hours to gather your thoughts and give your eyes a break from the screen. Also, check out these apps to download and play in your spare time.

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