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Busy Dad Refuel with Snickers and Dr Pepper #Refuel2Go

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Those that know me, whether it’s personally or through social media know that I have a busy schedule every day because I’m working 6 or 7 days a week, spending time with my family or blogging. If you’re around me you know that I’m always in possession of my phone to listen to music and check emails, my SNICKERS® and a Dr Pepper to Refuel Me!

Refueling when I get to blog #Refuel2Go
I’ve been a fan of SNICKERS since I was a kid and now that I’m grown, well at least my age says I am that feeling has never left and have just increased. Now I have so many kinds of Snickers to choose from whether it’s the original, Peanut Butter or the minis I’m definitely feeling like a kid again.

Snickers Minis #Refuel2Go

When I get home and get a shower I need to stay awake because I usually stay up a couple more hours so I can do some blog work at my little work area in the dining room because that’s the only place I can concentrate. After a long day and another nap I get up and hit the shower again I’m ready for another long night at work. For work I usually leave my Snickers in the refrigerator along with my Dr Pepper to keep because for some odd reason I like my Snickers cold before leaving for work. Since I basically live out of my car working so much my SNICKERS, Dr Pepper and of course my CD booklet is my usual passengers all the time.

Snicker & Dr. Pepper Going to Work #Refuel2Go

During these really hot summer days if I’m not drinking Dr Pepper because it’s so hot, I’ll always the SNICKERS Ice Cream also. I have to buy a lot because my family is also big fans of Dr Pepper and SNICKERS. My kids are even amazed and must really think we’re ancient because they’ll make comments like, they had SNICKERS and Dr Pepper back when you were kids???? Kids say the darndest things I guess!!!


Snickers Dr. Pepper for the Family #Refuel2Go
The place I love getting my SNICKERS and Dr Pepper is usually one of my many runs to Walmart in the mornings when I get off because I get to shop around with not a lot of people around. I head to the snack section to get my SNICKERS because my kids usually want some also and I can share with my family or I can get them at the self-checkout for a single serving. The same goes for Dr Pepper, because sometimes I grab the 6 or 12 pack or get a couple from the self-checkout area also to help me refuel. While at Walmart you can grab 2 SNICKERS 2-To-Go and 2 20 oz. Dr Pepper’s and save $1 by printing this coupon:


SnickersDrPepperCart #Refuel2Go
How would you like for a chance to win 1 of 250 $100 Walmart gas or gift cards? All you have to do is Refuel and Win!!! Just head to Walmart to purchase 2 SNICKERS 2-To-Go and 2 20 oz. Dr Pepper’s and get $1 off by printing this coupon between the dates of 6/16/14 and 9/15/14. Afterwards, snap a photo of your receipt and text it to by 11:59 pm on 9/15/14 for your chance to win.



Snickers #Refuel2Go
So if you’re looking for an alternative to your usual way to help you refuel I’ll definitely recommend you to try the combination of SNICKERS and Dr Pepper. So which flavor of Dr Pepper is your favorite? What about SNICKERS, which kind is your favorite to refuel with?

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