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Daddy’s Hangout 2014 Money In the Bank PPV Review



Welcome to the Money In the Bank PPV where for the first time they had a Money In the Bank match that will determine a new WWE World Champion since it’s been vacated because of Daniel Bryan having neck surgery. In the past they’ve had 2 MITB matches to determine who would win a contract for the WWE Title and the World Heavyweight Title but this year the 2 matches is for the WWE World Title and one’s for the contract. We also have a Tag title match between the Usos and the Wyatts who’s been feuding for a few months now. Let’s Get Started!!!!!


This has been a great feud that has been going on for a few months now and they now face each other with the tag titles on the line. Both teams are so over with the fans and I wouldn’t care who won this match because I like both teams. This was a great match with both teams working hard and the crowd was really into the match. The match saw some great spots and the Usos picked up the win in the end. I really hope this isn’t the end of their feud because I would like to see them continue and have another match at Summerslam with a possible DQ finish @ the Battleground PPV. Winners and Still Tag Champs: The Usos


Match Rating: 4/5- Great opening match and it got the crowd excited!!!!!




This was for the MITB contract for a future WWE World Title match in the future. This past Smackdown Bad News Barrett suffered a shoulder injury that has kept him out of the match and no further information has been released. Coming into this match I had Seth Rollins winning the contract with Triple H grooming him. Kofi, RVD and Ziggler would be the spot guys and there’s no way Swagger would win again and Ambrose was a wild card who I wouldn’t mind if he won. This was a really good match with some great spots which was highlighted by Kofi of course. In the end, Kane showed up to help Rollins get the win, which I hated because there was no need for Kane to get involved but maybe they did that to further Ambrose’ s crazy character because he was removed from the match in the middle of it because of injury. Winner and Mr. Money In the Bank: Seth Rollins

Match Rating: 4.5/5



This has been a feud mainly with Cameron going at Paige with Naomi being the #1 contender for the Divas title. On the final Smackdown before the PPV Cameron instigated Paige after being defeated and then pushed Naomi into Paige which got them in each others face. During the match, they’re teasing Cameron eventually turning on Naomi because she was cheering whenever Naomi was in trouble. This was a pretty good match between these 2 and Naomi has improved so much over the years. In the end, Paige picked up the win to retain the title. Winner and Still Divas Champion: Paige

Match Rating: 3/5



This has been a lopsided feud between these 2 with Rusev getting the best of Big E most of the time. They have booked Big E so bad that this feud will do nothing for Rusev if they’re trying to give him a monster push. This wasn’t a bad match and they had a couple of cool spots but in the end Rusev pick up the win. Winner: Rusev

Match Rating: 2/5



This is a match that has taken place on Raw a few times and now it’s on PPV. They really need to start building these PPVs better with all the TV time and a Network they should have better storylines and that’ll be Best for Business. In the end Stardust and Goldust picked up the win. Winners: Goldust and Stardust

Match Rating: 2/5


Adam Rose vs. Damien Sandow

Another match with no build and they continue to bullshit with Sandow who’s a great talent. Reports have come out that they have soured on the Adam Rose character but the writing is atrocious. Winner: Adam Rose

Match Rating: 1/5


Another match of bullshit!!! Layla and Fandango celebrate over Summer Rae after Layla gets the win.  Winner: Layla

Match Rating: 1/5


This was a match that was pretty predictable and I figured that Cena would win the match and not because the Summerslam poster that leaked with him and Brock Lesnar featured on it. In this match I knew that Kane, Alberto Del Rio nor Sheamus would win and I figured that they wouldn’t have Cesaro or Bray Wyatt win the belts and it’s too early for Roman Reigns to win it. That left Cena or Orton to win the match but I would’ve been intrigued with Orton winning with Rollins having the MITB contract and them both being affiliated with Triple H and they’re already having problems as seen on Raw. This MITB match wasn’t near as good as the the 1st one but it still had some crazy spots and Orton getting busted open and needing 12 stitches to close his wound. In the end, Cena found a way to win his 2nd MITB match but this time he wins to championship. Winner and New WWE World Champion: John Cena

Match Rating: 3.5/5

Overall Rating: 6/10- This wasn’t a bad PPV but this wasn’t as good as the previous MITB PPVs. The MITB Contract match was the match of the night and the Usos/Wyatts kicked the PPV off with a bang with their great tag title match. The main event was pretty good but nowhere near the 1st MITB match(note to WWE: don’t put all the spot guys in 1 match and the “stars” in the other, mix it up.) The Divas match was pretty good, but the rest of the matches was ehhhh!!!

What did you think of the PPV? What was your favorite match? Did you watch it on PPV or the WWE Network?

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  • Joe

    Thought it was a good PPV, think Rusev and Big E did the best with the time they had, it was good to see that Rusev can sell for a big man. I think Sheamus and Cesaro made the most of there time in the main event, whenever those two faced off they really clicked, while Wyatt and Del Rio just kind of seemed lost. The tag match at the beginning though stole the show I thought…

    • Travis

      I just hate when the WWE add matches throughout the show and I think Rusev and Big E can go and I’m high on both of them. I loved the Sheamus/Cesaro feud they had and can watch them wrestle each other and I agree with Del Rio & Wyatt also. I’m a huge fan of both the Usos & the Wyatts and I loved that match.

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