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Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne Discusses Bitcoin

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If you follow World News and the constant issues dealing the future of money and how it’s been devalued over the years then this may be a topic that you will have to listen to. I don’t talk about it on my blogs nor do I really discuss it on social media except a pic or 2 on Instagram dealing with world issues. This is my 2nd post about a video that Overstock.com CEO Patrick Byrne I’ve had the pleasure of viewing and writing about because we share some of the same views. Byrne was the keynote speaker to over 1,000+ attendees at the 2014 Bitcoin conference where he gave lessons on the historical context of not only bitcoin but how he’s a supporter of Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin  and the one Kanye West tried to release. He fully understand how there’s so much corruption that’s going on from Wall Street to the governments, which is something that I respect from a man of his stature. He also educates you about the two centralized institutions that were the most undermined by the cryptocurrencies were the central banks and the central counterparty clearing. We know that they’re definitely against it because they can’t fully control this and of course, it’s frustrating to them. Byrne has been called the poster boy for bitcoin because he announced last year that Overstock.com would start accepting it as a form of payment. It was said that he mentioned bitcoin for publicity but he said, “A lot of people suggested that I got involved in bitcoin for the publicity. I hope my talk today has dispelled this” during his speech.




Check out the video above and let him educate you all on the happenings that goes on behind your backs and how messed the world really is. I’m glad he’s exposing the truths and would love to hear more of what he has to say about issues that plague this world on an everyday basis. If you’re interested in keeping up with him, just follow Patrick Byrne on Twitter.. Check out the video and leave your comments below of what you think about what Mr. Byrne is saying.

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