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Going to see a tribute act of your favorite artist is a fun way to enjoy live music in a smaller, more intimate gig venue at a more affordable price. More and more tribute acts are beginning to earn glowing reputations and secure their place on the live music scene, allowing avid gig-goers to re-live the magic of the original acts in their absence. The best way to get your hands on tickets to this year’s most exciting tribute acts is by visiting reputable online ticket providers, such as Gigantic.


Here are just some of the most authentic, must-see tribute performers to look out for:

Antarctic Monkeys

Since they started out on the tribute scene back in 2006, the Antarctic Monkeys have rapidly grown in popularity and are now in high demand, especially amongst the younger crowd. Delivering the classic hits of the critically-acclaimed Arctic Monkeys with authentic passion, the group’s live show has the same energy, creative set-up and instrumental flair to rival the original band. Perfectly replicating everything from characteristic guitar techniques to the unique vocal range of Alex Turner, a performance from the Antarctic Monkeys is guaranteed to get the whole audience into the spirit of rock and roll.

Ben Portsmouth as Elvis

With global recognition and several prestigious awards to his name, Ben Portsmouth stands out from the crowd with his authentic Elvis tribute act. Many dedicated Elvis fans have commented on Ben’s uncanny ability to emulate the moves, voice and stage-presence of the musical icon and successfully mirror the way in which he connected with his audience. Ben’s outstanding performance will make you feel as though you are part of a frenzied crowd from the 50’s – a perfect evening experience for anyone who is looking to re-live the magic of ‘The King’ in his prime.

Fleetwood Bac

Regarded as the UK’s top Fleetwood Mac tribute act, Fleetwood Mac allows for audiences to experience a rock show like it was back in the 70’s. Endorsed by members of the original group, the prestigious tribute act shows stunning precision in their ability to closely replicate the classic hits of the one of the world’s most well-loved bands. The band’s extensive musical experience has enabled them to truly master how to successfully replicate the original set list of Fleetwood Mac’s most famous album ‘Rumours’ and wow international audiences with their realistic performance.


As the UK’s premier Blondie tribute act, the authenticity of this high-energy show will make for a night to remember. Michelle Hendricks is not only an uncanny Debbie Harry look-a-like, she also brilliantly captures the star’s on-stage charisma and distinctive vocal range when performing the band’s hit songs. As a testimonial to their success, Blondied have been performing to huge audiences from all over the word and making appearances at numerous international festivals. With such faithful re-creation and attention to detail, you’ll feel as though you’ve actually experienced the excitement of one of Blondie’s concerts from back in the day.

Australian Bee Gees

If you never had the chance to see the Bee Gees live in concert, the Australian Bee Gees will make up for it. The fun tribute act provides the opportunity to reminisce the disco era of the 70’s and re-live the classic hits of one of the world’s most well-loved bands. Even if you’re not a huge Bee Gees fan, their show is brimming with fun, dancing and all-round entertainment guaranteed to get the entire audience up on their feet. The band succeeds in replicating costumes, mannerisms and stage shows, whilst staying true to the unique vocals of the legendary Gibb brothers.

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