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3 Daddy-Daughter Date Ideas for Summer

Daddy-Daughter Date Ideas for Summer

Daddy time with his baby girl is always special and fun, and if you are a parent that thinks father bonding time is important you can help make it more memorable with these fun “date night” ideas tailored especially for summer dates with your little sweetheart. There are still lots of summer left to make them happen!

Go Exploring Nature

Nature in the summer is particularly beautiful- there is so much to see, the sun is shining, and events are happening everywhere you look. Take your lovely date on a walk through the park or the woods. Stop at the local snow-cone stand for a cool treat, or go read a book together in a garden.

Tip- Bring the camera! This will make for some amazing photos.

Get All Dressed Up and Go Out to a Fancy Dinner

It’s hot outside! But dinner at a nice restaurant is always a great way to cool down and nourish the soul. Take your princess out to a nice dinner- complete with you dressing up in a suit and tie as she dons her best dress.

Tip: Buy her flowers, hold the door open for her, and pull out her chair. Show her how a nice dinner date is supposed to go with a gentleman. You set the example for the type of man she will date, after all, so make sure you set the best one possible!

Go Dancing Under the Stars

Get dressed in something fun and bring along a nice treat to snack on and a radio. Take your daughter dancing under the stars! Explore the park or a gazebo as you dance the night away. Have her show off her latest dance moves and teach her a few of your own. You can even go on a picnic or a long walk in the nice night air.

Tip: bring blankets! You can use them for your picnic and to sit and sip a nice drink while you talk and listen to good music. Let her listen to things she enjoys, and teach her about the older music you like, too.

So fellow dads out there or mothers who watch first hand at their husband and daughters relationship. What are some other ideas do you have about ways dads and daughters can spend time together? You don’t have to relegate a daddy-daughter date just on Valentine’s Day, but anytime.

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