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5 Disease Fighting Super Supplements Everyone Should Have on Hand


If you work outside of the home, have kids that go to daycare, or do anything else in your life where you may come in contact with people, you need to know ways to combat diseases you could catch from them. Furthermore, there are ways to help prevent certain illnesses, like cancer and Crohn’s disease. Knowing what supplements can help you fight off these things will go a long way in keeping you healthy.

Green Tea is a Miracle Plant

Green tea supplements can do anything and everything from helping you lose weight to helping fight off cancer. Scientists once believed teas helped people lose weight because of the caffeine content in them, but they now know it’s from the antioxidants found in them known as catechins. These powerful little things are found in many foods, but they are most prevalent in green tea because it isn’t processed the way other teas are.

To get the full effect of catechins, though, you should take green tea as a supplement because the catechins haven’t been diluted from brewing. These supplements can be taken with or without drinking the tea, too, because the tea form will have no effect on how the supplement form works.


Magnesium supplements are a wonder drug for those that have chronic fatigue or illness that cause it, like Fibromyalgia. This amazing little nutrient starts working almost immediately when it’s absorbed into the body to send oxygen to your tissues and cells, stimulating them to give you energy and start working.

B Vitamins Prevent Dementia and Cancer

B vitamins are very complex and needed by your body for many things. The biggest factor in these is that they aid in cell metabolism, which keeps your energy high and your immune system running correctly. When you have more than one B vitamin in a supplement it is known as a B Vitamin Complex. One such supplement is methyl b complex, which is designed to energize and help with those physical and mental slumps. If you have a B Vitamin deficiency you would develop things like Alzheimer’s, amnesia, dementia, anemia, cancer, and even birth defects if a pregnant woman doesn’t have enough B Vitamins. Unfortunately, the body uses these quickly, so taking them in a supplement form is needed for almost anyone.

Vitamin D Prevents Crohn’s, IBS, Cancer and Multiple Sclerosis

A new study has found that Vitamin D, especially in doses found in supplements, can help counter the effects of Crohn’s disease or even prevent it in people susceptible to it. Vitamin D can also help fight off certain types of cancers and helps alleviate (or even correct) symptoms of inflamed bowel diseases. Another shocking discovery about Vitamin D is that is can prevent Multiple Sclerosis. Vitamin D bonds to receptors in the body and basically tells the rest of the body that you are fine and healthy, so the body doesn’t attack itself, like it does in many autoimmune diseases. Plus, it aids in cell reproduction so that healthy cells are made faster.

Niacin Fights Cardiovascular Disease

Niacin, which is also a B-vitamin, can help fight heart disease. If you take it as part of a complex supplement or on its own, it can help increase blood flow to the heart and gives your heart a little pep to keep it in rhythm. The better your heart works the healthier it is and it can ward off heart disease. Additionally, the better your heart is the better the rest of your body will perform. Once you have that increase in energy you can use it to get into better shape, which only makes your heart stronger. It’s a never ending cycle that only spells out good things for your body.

The greatest part about all of these supplement sis that they are safe to take. Many of them will come in bottle with the dosage printed right on the label. Follow that, drink plenty of water, and eat a well-balanced diet and you should be able to fight off diseases and prevent others. One word of caution, though, is that vitamins can make you feel nauseous if you take certain ones together or on an empty stomach.

For best results, buy these in multi-packs because they are already properly dosed and paired with the right vitamins that that won’t make you sick if taken together. Plus, certain vitamins should be taken together for optimal effect. For instance, Vitamin C helps aid in the absorption of Iron, so if you take them together the benefits are stronger. Calcium, however, hinders the absorption of Vitamin C, so never take them with dairy products.

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