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How Dads Can Help Their Kids Get Ready For School

Dads Can Help Their Kids

It’s almost time to get kids back to school, and moms everywhere are getting ready. What are dads doing? If you are a dad who wants to help get your child ready for school, use the following tips. Dads being involved in education, even something as simple as getting your child ready for school, can make a huge impact on your child’s academic performance this year.

Go School Shopping

Show interest in your child’s school by going school shopping for supplies. You may not know what they need, but you can pick up a list. If mom already has that covered, tag along and help. Play with your kids and use the opportunity to talk to them about school and how exciting the school year will be. This will show them that education is important to you, the whole family, and that you are concerned for them and how they do in school.

Go Clothes Shopping

Before you roll your eyes, consider this: you are the example for your sons and the example of the type of man your daughters will look for. Show them what type of image your family thinks is supposed to be presented to the world- what you think is moral and right. Help your children pick out clothing that reflects these beliefs.

Set Up a Homework Chart with Your Children

Set up a homework chart that will show them what they need to do to each day for homework and how they will be rewarded for it. This will get you involved in homework before your kids even start school, so they know that you will be expecting them to do their homework, and that you will be involved with school work. This will make them feel confident that they have support and help, should they need it, as they start school.

Talk About School

Sometimes, it is as simple as talking to your children. Ask them what they are excited for, and what they are nervous about. If they have any fears, do your best to help them work through it. Share your own experiences of school. The more they connect with you and the more they understand that being nervous about school is okay, the better they will be able to process fears and get prepared for school. Plus, this will show your kids you are there to talk anytime they need.

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