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Daddy’s Hangout WWE Summerslam 2014 PPV Review


It’s that time of year where fall is around the corner, my kids are back in school and the biggest party of the summer is happening in the WWE and that’s Summerslam!!! This year I was really impressed with the card and the potential of the PPV because all the matches on the card were some matches I was looking forward to. Without talking about every single match, let’s just get into the review!!!


MizZigglerHere we go with the opening match of the night for the IC championship which has been a pretty good build for the past month or so. The match was a really good opening match with a lot of action between both men. Very surprised to see Dolph kick out the Skull Crushing Finale and he pulled off a nice counter to hit the Zig Zag to become the Intercontinental Championship to my surprise. Winner and New Intercontinental Champion: Dolph Ziggler


Match Rating: 3.5/5- This match wasn’t as good as their match on Raw a few weeks back but it was still really good with the crowd really into it. I was surprised Miz dropped the title so quick but my fear is that unification of the IC/US title that has been rumored to take place they’re using Dolph to drop the belt.





This feud started back in April after Wrestlemania when Paige came down to the ring to congratulate AJ but was slapped and a match was made and Paige captured the title. AJ Lee took time off and returned in June to win the title from Paige on Raw which lead to them becoming “frenemies” and Paige eventually turned on her. As far as the match goes, this was a really good match, which was expected between these 2. AJ is the top diva in the company and Paige brings a breath of fresh air to the divas division with her unique look and offense. The finish came when Paige reversed the Black Widow and hit AJ with a sick looking DDT for the win. Winner and New Divas Champion: Paige


Match Rating: 3.75/5




This feud has surprisingly great and the crowds have eaten this up siding with Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter. Before the match, Rusev attacked Swagger until Swagger got the upper hand on Rusev by putting him in the Patriot Lock. After he released the hold the bell rung and they beat the hell out of each other throughout the match and it was a really good match that was just physical and filled with several counters. In the end, Rusev locked in the accolade twice to finally win the match and Swagger didn’t tap, he just passed out. After Zeb checked on Swagger, Rusev kicked Zeb knocking him out to draw more heat. Winner: Rusev

Match Rating: 3.5/5




So many people hated the stipulation coming into this match, but I liked it and understood why the lumberjack rules were put into place because Rollins almost ran from Ambrose. Boy, this was a helluva lumberjack match between these 2 and they went all out for this match. The lumberjacks added to the match and I know that they have Reigns pinned as the future champion, but these 2 are the future of the WWE, if booked correctly. In the end, Corporate Kane helped Rollins pick up the win by distracting Ambrose and Rollins hitting Ambrose in the face with the briefcase. Winner: Seth Rollins

Match Rating: 4/5- Really good match as expected between these 2.




When I saw that Jericho came back to solely work with Bray Wyatt I was pretty excited about the possibilities between these 2 from the mic work and the in-ring work. To this point, they haven’t really lived up to the lofty expectations that were placed on them. The sit-down interview they done on Raw a couple of weeks ago was really good and took their feud up a notch. This match was a lot better than their match at Battleground and since they followed the Rollins/Ambrose match and the crowd was tired, they had a tough job to get them into the match. Eventually, they got the crowd into it and turned out to be a really good match and I was thrilled to see Bray get the clean win over Jericho. Winner: Bray Wyatt


Match Rating: 3.5/5





This feud has been great leading up to the last Raw when they done the awful angle where his physical therapist was sleeping with Brie’s husband, Daniel Bryan. As far as the match goes, this was better than expected but the finish was something I predicted on my other site,, but was told I was stupid by some online. With Nikki turning on Brie, what happens next? Winner: Stephanie McMahon

Match Rating: 2.5/5



This feud has been pretty good and it brought out the badass in the “Viper” when he decimated Reigns a few weeks back on Raw. This continues to be a strong build/push for Reigns continue but I’m still skeptical if he’s ready for this push when other guys can take the ball and run with it. This match was better than expected because we heard reports about them having some bad matches at the house shows. The finish came when Orton went for the punt but Reigns blocked it and hit the spear for the win. Winner: Roman Reigns


Match Rating: 3/5



This was the match everyone was looking forward to with the amazing build and video packages heading into Summerslam. This match was definitely went in another direction I originally thought and I felt this was the right was to book this match. Brock basically beat the hell out of Cena the entire match and this has made Lesnar look like one of the most dominate champions ever. With Lesnar beating the hell out of Cena after ending the Streak of Taker, what’s next for both of them? Winner and New WWE World Champion: Brock Lesnar


Match Rating: 3.5/5


Overall Rating: 8/10- All matches delivered and this really was a really good PPV from the bottom to the top. Dolph/Miz opened to PPV with a really good match and it was cool to see the title change also. Paige/AJ was really good for the time they were given and in the future I would love for the WWE to give the ladies about 15 to 17 minutes to really showcase their skills. Rusev/Swagger was really good and the crowd was definitely into this match and I thought it made Swagger looked great in defeat with him not tapping out to the submission move but him just passing out. Jericho/Wyatt was also a really good match and 10X times better than their match at the Battleground PPV. Steph/Brie was better than expected and it was expected that Nikki would turn on Brie, but where do they go from here? Reigns/Orton was better than expected and the main event between Brock/Cena blew my mind how dominate Lesnar was, but that was the right direction to go.



What did you think about Summerslam? What were the highs and lows of the PPV? What was the best and worse match of the night?


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