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T-Mobile Free Data Tablet is a Life Saver!!!

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In-Store T-Mobile DisplayHave you all heard about the new free data tablet plan available at Walmart? Before taking part in the campaign I really didn’t either and when I finally heard about I really didn’t believe it. I mean, c’mon free data for life, there has to be a catch or just another gimmick to get you really excited and then you get to the store and before you know it you’re signing some kind of contract you regret a couple of months later. I know T-Mobile has some great money saving plans, but now they have a T-Mobile Free Data plan where you get 200mb of data for free, for life!!!


T-Mobile Trio AXS 7.85" 4G TabletNow you may be thinking, what do I get with this T-Mobile Free Data plan and where does this 200mb of data come into play? First of all, every 30 days you will receive free 200mb of 4G/LTE data as long as you own the tablet. When you sign up for the service you’ll receive notification when you’re Free Data for Life pass has been activated and you will have to do this from your device and trust me, it’s very simple and will be done in a matter of minutes. Now whenever you reach the 200mb of free usage you will be taken to the T-Mobile plans so you can purchase data. One important thing to remember and that is customers MUST complete Connect Me registration on the device before they start using it.


Setting up Tablet

Now when you have kids that love to listen to music, take photos or just to keep them from fighting when you’re on the road, this is a perfect device for you. Since I’ve purchased this tablet my daughter is already claiming ownership of it and said if she can’t have mine then she wants one for Christmas. So this tablet is good for us parents who have a million things to do all the time, but it’s actually cool enough to impress the teenagers also.


Outside Working

The big reason I really wanted and needed this tablet is because I have so much work to do blogging that it’s really hard trying to balance being a blogger, spending time with my wife, hanging out with my kids and I forgot to mention that I work at night. With this new tablet I get to have a pretty good balanced home life and when I’m on breaks or lunch at work during the night I can get some blog work done. Some may think that it’s pretty hard to concentrate at 4:30 in the morning, but I’ll be honest, it’s pretty comfortable and relaxing to sit outside in the middle of the night and get some work done.#CollectiveBias

Jada TabletNow that school is finally back in session my daughter says she always needs my tablet because she has to do homework. From the time she gets home she always have my tablet and even when she’s finished getting ready in the morning she’s playing with it. The kids can use it to help search for different topics for their homework and they can download all the great apps for them to enjoy some fun time also. Between her and my daughter, who’s a freshman in high school they’re constantly arguing over who gets to play with it so this is perfect for a back-to-school present for your child.


So have you purchased the T-Mobile Trio AXS 7.85” 4G Tablet? If so, what did you think about it? How cool is it to have Free Data for Life? If you haven’t taken advantage of this great offer from T-Mobile, what are you waiting for?#TabletTrio


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