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6 Tips for Men to Get Organized Right Now

6 Tips for Men to Get OrganizedMen don’t get organized like women because they don’t think like women. They don’t use cutesy binders and overly labeled everything to make sure their lives are running smoothly and on the right track. But being organized is important, to men and women alike. Here are some great tips to get any man organized in no time.


Take inventory of your space. You can’t have an organized schedule without an organized space. Take inventory of your space to determine just how disorganized things are so you can make them better. To do this, take everything out of the space to have a clean slate to work with. Use your computer or a pen and paper to take inventory of the mess and then list where it needs to actually go before putting it away.


Get rid of what you don’t need in the space. That’s pretty self-explanatory. Yes, this means you will be getting rid of things! Hoarders and pack rats take note, because this pertains especially to you. When you put the things you do need back in the space, put them where you can find them.


Make a “to do” list- make a daily, weekly, and monthly list starting on day one and keep it up! This will help you get yourself organized quickly each and every day. Organize it according to what task needs to be completed first. This is for men and women because a list will keep you on task.


Get your schedule started right by setting your alarm to allow yourself 30 more extra minutes in the morning or make lunches, set out clothes, and pack bags for the next day the night before. This is something that will give you extra time and makes sure that you get everything done in time.


Sync calendars. You need make sure all of your calendars are in-line with one another so that no matter where you are you will know what to do to stay on task. Sync with your kid’s and wife’s calendars, too, to keep everyone on the same page. This will also ensure you remember important things going on with your family.


Create a family message center in a prominent place and use it for shopping lists, messages, and calendars to keep everyone organized. While you’re at it, use this time to organize a space for finances and bills to make sure things are being paid on time.



Guys, what are some things you do to help keep yourselves organized? Ladies, what are some things you notice your husband/boyfriend/significant other do to stay organized?

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