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Upgrade Your Sports Drink with BodyArmor

I received product from BodyArmor for my honest review. All opinions are mine.

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Since I’ve gotten older I have really been thinking more about being healthy and what I’m putting into my body. Whether it’s the food I eat, to actually working out and now I have even started to eliminate my soda intake. Recently, I have started back playing basketball more with my kids and I need something to drink to keep my hydrated that also have the vitamins I need for someone my age. I had the pleasure of receiving the new drink called BodyArmor and after doing my research on the company I found out that Kobe Bryant is a major investor in the brand. Being a big Kobe Bryant fan, my initial thoughts were that if Kobe invested in this drink then it was something to definitely check out and I also remember Kobe calling out the NBA for not letting the players drink what they want instead of the sponsored drink when LeBron cramped up in Game 1 of the NBA Finals.





BodyArmor has more electrolytes than the leading sports drink, coconut water, and vitamins and contains NO artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners. BODYARMOR is also low in sodium and high in potassium and many of the top professional athletes have chosen BODYARMOR over all other sports drinks, including Andrew Luck, Richard Sherman, Mike Trout and James Harden.

Seeing a lot of these athletes vouch for the BodyArmor drink and the respect I have for them I knew it was something I would love to try out. BodyArmor comes in 6 different flavors and they all contain about 10% of Coconut Water, which I love. The flavors are: Fruit Punch, Tropical Punch, Grape, Orange/Mango, Mixed Berry and Strawberry/Banana. You can head to their website to see what the athletes say about the drink, where to buy and to learn more about BodyArmor.



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My Final Thought:

Just like anybody else, whenever you try something new you’re always skeptical especially when you see all the different ingredients it possesses. When I first tried BodyArmor it tasted great and I could taste the coconut water in it since I love it. To really see how this worked I tried it while at work because I’m always tired since I do work during the night and to my surprise, I have energy throughout the night and come home to several chores also. I recommend you to try all the flavors because they all are really good but my favorites are Tropical Punch, Orange/Mango and Strawberry/Banana. So give this new drink a chance and I guarantee you that it’ll make you change your drink, so join me and the rest of the athletes mentioned by going to the store to #UpgradeYourSportsDrink.

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