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6 Tips to Balancing Work and Parenting for Men

Balancing Work and Parenting for MenBeing an involved dad is not only what is expected of men these days, but it is also what many men want to do. If you are a working dad, though, and find yourself struggling to balance work and your family, check out these easy tips to help you get more involved as a dad and less stressed while at work. The more time you can invest in balancing both, the happier and ore productive you will be at both aspects of your life.

Make Time For Family Dinners

The numbers and studies don’t lie: children who have family dinner with their parents do better in school, are less likely to get involved with drugs and alcohol, and make better decisions on major life choices. Pick a time that you know you will be home and make it your family dinner time. If this means you need to go to work early in the morning, or work once the kids go to bed, oh well. Family dinner should be a priority for you.

Make Time For Family Game Night

Pick one night a week where you have a family movie night or game night. This will help you have fun with your kids while reconnecting with them. If you choose just one night a week to make this happen, you can manage your work schedule around that night to ensure that you will e present for it. If you ever need to move it to another night because of a work conflict, you can do that, but just be sure to not skip the night altogether.

Leave Work at Work

No phones at the table. When you are with your kids, stay focused on them. Do not check emails or answer work related questions from employees, employers, clients, or anyone involved with work. If you bring it home with you it is like you have not left work at all, and there is no balance in that.

Take Your Child to Work With You

While you may leave your work at the office, you don’t always have to leave your kids at home. Take them to work with you! You can show them what you do all day and you can still spend time with them. They will get a better understanding of what your job entails and you get ore bonding time with your children. It’s a win-win!

Use Vacation Time

If you need to, use some of that hard earned vacation time to spend time with your family. Your kids need a dad, and you need a break. Schedule a day or two where you can take off work and be with your family in the way they need.

Read To Them

At bedtime, if you are on a conference call, let the kids stay up a little later in order to read to them. If you are stuck at work late, call them on the phone and read a story to them. Whatever to situation, always make time to read to your kids. It is important for their education and your bonding time with them.

What are some of the things you do to balance work and family life? I would love to hear some of the things you all do so I can do them also.


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