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Much-Anticipated Album Selah by Synik and Rod McCoy

SelahUsually my Music Monday is dedicated to a track, but this is the much anticipated album from the homie Rod McCoy and Synik. They’ve been featured a few times before they released their album on the site and I’ve been a huge fan of their music, sound and vibe. I’ll be honest in that I love the old-school hip hop vibe and when I’m listening to this album it takes me back to that time like the ATlients Outkast or 8Ball & MJG. So if you’re a fan of hip hop and definitely the old-school flavor, make sure you check out this Selah album and joint the Selah movement and the movement of the New South. Below is the bio taken from the Soundcloud website:



Mississippi native Synik & Alabama native Rod McCoy are collaborating on their new project “Selah”, which is defined as a combination between two verses. It only seems fitting that the two, who share a brotherly bond after serving time together in the military, spent 33 months putting together what can only be described as a cool, calm and player-like soundtrack.


After meeting in Turkey back in the summer of 2011 while on military assignment, it wasn’t long before they ran the streets of Izmir and treated them as if they were their own. Over the next 8 months the duo would go on to build their bond as artists and start collaborating on an idea for a project that was born in November of 2012. The idea came to life at Lee’s Motel in Douglasville, GA where all their writing and hard work came to a head and “Selah” was born.


Features are light with Audible Hustle label mates E-Jay and Blunder rounding out the appearances. Production comes from Skully Cruz, King Haze, The Audible Doctor, Jay B, VenoTheBuilder, fellow military veteran Manhe and more, all adding their sound to “Selah”. Setting themselves apart from the typical “turn up” sound, Synik & Rod are here to prove they are more than just another rap act coming out of the South. Crack open the zip, spark up and catch the wave.





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